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I own a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT. The dashboard started curling after about 5 years.

I contacted the dealership and was told there was no recall and the car was out of warranty. The only solution was to have the dashboard and vents replaced to the tune of $1,100!!! I have seen MANY complaints on the web regarding the curling of dashboards in 2001 - 2005 Grand Ams. I think it is rediculous that with the number of complaints GM has not issued a recall for replacement of these curling dashboards and broken vents.

Very irresponsible and total lack of intergity on GM's part. I expected better from GM.

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You buy a used American car and expect what? Historically, American cars have placed far behind the German & Japanese in quality.

If you want pristine quality you should buy new.

If you have a beer budget why would you expect Champagne taste? Next time perform the minimal amount of due diligence before spending your hard earned money and you will discover your headaches will be minimized.

@Jack G

german cars are way better the american but japanese are still *** id take ameican over them anyday


My 2004 Pontiac Grand Am, dash is curled all around the windshield. and all vents broke, effects my defroster and air conditioning!!

They need to issue a recall my car has been great mechanically, the only issue is the dashboard continuing to curl back more and more. Heat in Atlanta Ga does't help matters either I thing thats why mine is so bad more than 3" away from windshield -all around.


Mine has done the same thing, but how do you fix it.


My husband also has a 2001 Grand Am and his dash is really bad on the drivers side corner and the vent on top of the dash is broken. His seal around the sun roof is also chipping away.

The car is in really good shape other than those two items.

I didn't realize that this was a common problem among Grand Am owners. Good to know.


I have a 2002 grand am and mine is really messed up. It's a shame gm doesn't recall this problem when there is such a high percentage of cars with this issue.


I agree completely!!! The problem seems to be the contact cement Pontiac used to glue the foam to the dash substrate


dash is *** and is safety hazard no clear view


My husband has a 2004 grand am as well and we have noticed that the dashboard has started to lift up. The driver's side is up at least 2 or 3 inches and the passenger side is just starting to lift up. He has also lost the covers on the vents.


I also have a Pontiac 2004 Grand Am with the same situation.


A recall is issued for safety issues. A peeling dash is not a safety issue; and, no, it's not going to hinder the airbag.


Actually, yes it can be a safety problem. Small amounts of exhaust and much of the engines excess heat come through the opening caused by a curling dashboard. I have experienced this first hand.


You are so wrong a curling dash can't cause the issues you raise. Those issues would already be there . The pad is just vinyl glued to a plastic backer , no way that it coming loose from a backer coulsd cause that problem.


It is a safety issue. Mine was curling up and it broke the windsheild vent cover and hit me in the face while driving.


got the same problem and it is getting worst every week. WTF?


I agree. That's probably why they are suffering now..lack of integrity...

It looks bad and horrible.... you would think they would issue a recal to avoid suit.


I also have the same problem with my 2001. The dash curled and is turning loose from the area behind the steering wheel.

There was a recall on the car for the ignition switch and have yet to get that taken care of do to my local car lot not getting enough parts. I also am having trouble with gauges not working all the time.

I already had the windows fixed because of a plastic piece broke. Are these things normal?


Yep. All the Grand Ams have the same quirks.


We have the same problem with the dashboards curling up!