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I own a 2004 Chevy tahoe and have been in and out of GM dealers under warranty, and then again out of warranty. 6 times they told me it was fixed and the same thing would happen again.

the "service 4 wheel drive light" would come on and it would not work. then twice it shifted into 4 wheel drive low on its own (the switch is about 10 inches to the left of the steering wheel so there isn't a chance i hit it by accident), and if i didn't have my seat belt on it would have put me through the windshield @ 30 mph.

i brought it back out of warranty with the same problem and the dealership said GM would no longer pay them to work on it so they wouldn't look at it. i kept at it and they rigged it to work for a couple months and then it happened again. when i called GM customer service they said the dealership never filed the correct paperwork so i was out of luck.

the young lady told me i was getting emotional and started to laugh at me. i have filed a complaint with NYS Attorney General which did nothing, i filed with the Highway safety commission and they told me it will remain on file if anyone was to be hurt the same way it would end up a recall, and i am now filing a small claim suit against them. i used to work for them when i was younger and it seems like nothing has changed.

they still make junk and could care less about their clients. it is time to buy a new truck and i will probably buy a FORD even though i've had about 10 GM cars/trucks in the past.

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I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe, and at 110K miles, it started automatically placing itself into 4wd lo mode by itself, and also into NEUTRAL by itself. When i park the car and turn it back on a few hours later, it is back in 2wd and all is fine.

When the indicator light is on 4wd lo, the truck is not actually in 4wd lo, but the engine hesitates when i hit the throttle. very frustrating


I too have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe that has a 4 WD system that is an absolute piece of rubbish. It has never worked properly since the day I purchased it brand new in 2004.

The 4WD system would engage on it's own...one time it slipped into 4WD Low at 25 mph and I almost smashed my head off the steering wheel. This time it remained stuck in 4 WD Low and I had to crawl to the nearest dealer to have the well known...well documented DEFECTIVE transfer case actuator motor replaced. This replacement was done under warranty and the manufacturers defect issue was completely swept under the rug by the Chevy Dealer. Six months after the replacement motor was installed...same defective actuator motor issues.

The vehicle would slip into 4WD...the 4WD lights would come on by itself and so on. Jump forward to 12-18-2010, when my wife and child were driving over a long bridge in Massachusetts, when the vehicle automatically slipped itself into neutral while in the drive position and the truck rolled to a stop on the bridge. Truck wouldn't move and the two of them were almost killed by another driver who didn't see them stopped on the bridge. After much research on the Internet and interviews with two GM service technicians...SHAME ON YOU GM for turning a blind eye to a serious, well documented defect with your transfer case actuator motor.

GM is well aware of the issue and yet they refuse to recall the product that causes serious potential for fatality. After meeting with my local mechanic, he notified that he replaced the transfer case actuator motor on two other Tahoe trucks last week. My Tahoe was repaired today, 12-22-2010 at a cost of $550.00, out of warranty. So here is what I have done to deal with the issue.

What GM doesn't know is that I have no plans to contact them and beg for them to cover the cost of a well documented issue with your vehicle. GM chooses to ignore the problem after all of us bailed your *** out of bankruptcy. What GM doesn't know is that I work for a major pharmaceutical/surgical company that has been using all GM/Chevy vehicles in our fleet....to the tune of 1,800 vehicles. I have been driving a Chevy Silverado Crew Cab as my company vehicle since 2003.

I am on my third one and all three have been plagued with issues. Today, I called my fleet manager at my company and placed myself on the fleet committee that will be making the decision on wether to stay with GM or move our entire fleet to Ford. Here is what you need to know GM....I will not stop pushing for the switch to Ford Motor Company until all 1800 fleet vehicles have a Ford emblem on the hood! So GM you can keep my $550.00 bucks as I will be busy focusing on the 41 million dollars we spend with you on our current fleet of scrap metal.

I also forgot to thank you for taking 6 months to deliver my last 2010 Silverado Crew Cab. I was told that the plant shut down last December for the holidays. Glad to see our tax payer dollars were so appreciated and that it took you six months to deliver a truck while in bankruptcy.

Way to go GM! Never again brother.

S Floyd