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I purchased this 2005 Chevy Equinox in May 2006 with 26k miles on it. In May of 2008 with less than 60k miles on it the head gaskets blew!

GM refused to repair or do anything to assist financially in the repair. I took it to another mechanic (I cannot afford GM labor rates) who did in fact repair the head gaskets and the vehicle ran again. In November 2009 the head gaskets blew again. I again called GM with an answer of no, I filed a complaint but heard nothing about it.

I again took the vehicle to another non GM dealer and had it repaired. Yesterday 1/4/2011 with 130,000 miles and a motor that has been overhauled twice, the head gasket blew again. I am quite sure the NHTSA is not going to do anything to assist in this; however, one quick search of "2005 Equinox and head gasket" and you will find that this problem is happening over and over and over again, and GM quite simply refuses to take responsibility. I have spoken to a person at GM in the past and was told they were aware of the problem but not enough had been reported to warrant a recall.

It is absurd that a corporation is allowed to market and sell vehicles such as this. I have been a "GM girl" since my first car, but neither I or any member of family will ever purchase another GM vehicle.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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