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Purchased a slightly used 2006 Equinox LT AWD in 2007, had 2 wheel bearings go bad within 6 months but those were covered under extended warranty. However, my vehicle was only at 65,000 miles and just blew a head gasket.

In the end, I decided to trade the thing in rather than pay the costly (about $2k) repair when I wasn't even sure if there would be any other issues. Come to find out, when I was transferring the plate off, the lady at the BMV informed me of all the problems with head gaskets on Equinoxes....if the BMV is aware, it must be a problem. When I asked my Chevy dealer how does a vehicle with only 65,000 and no indication of problems suddenly blow a head gasket one day on the freeway they seemed just as puzzled as me but somehow I doubt this was the first time they have heard of this.

After all my Google searching on this, I cannot believe how many vehicles this has happened to. I think this is truly a major manufacturing malfunction that needs to be addressed given the amount of people this has happened to.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I hate my 2006 Equinox. Within 1 year had to rebuild heating block.

Nothing but problems. $1500 for heating. Over heating, blocked tubes flooding inside the car. Now blown head gasket.

I hate this car. Bought used and 11 years of problems.

Invested $1000's of dollars and still can't drive it. Should be listed as a LEMON!


Absolutely agree. I am having the same issue with my 2005 Chevy Equinox which has been babied and maintained thoroughly.

When I walked into my mechanics shop he was working on a Pontiac SUV with the exact same 3.4L engine that had a blown head gasket. When I asked about he said simply GM is known for this and using cheap head gaskets on ALL of these engines.


I also have had problems with my 2006 Equinox. In addition to the heat & air not working properly the latest issue is running hot.

I have had plugs,wires, thermostat, & even coolant temp sensor changed & still running hot. I finally had someone to tell me the head gasket was the problems after numerous trip, repairs, & money down the drain!


I had exactly the same problem with my 2006 Equinox LT AWD. When I brought it to the dealer it was diagnosed with bad thermostat and after 4 months the same dealer diagnosed with blown head gasket.

I bought my car new from dealer. The same problem happened to my co worker's 2006 equinox.I talked to GM and it looks like they are not willing to help. This is definitely a manufacturing defect on these cars.Let us stick to gather, communicate by phone and emails and speak to consumer protection or any other government office.

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My coworker and I bought new 2006 Chevy equinox in the same month. Her car blow Head gasket after two years of purchase and mine blow at 97000 miles. My daughter purchased a certified Honda accord at >100000 mile it was consuming oil, Honda gave her new engine and she only paid <300 in labor.


I am furious because I purchased a 2007 Chevy Equinox in Oct. 2014.

Last week (Feb. 23) the engine light came on, took it to O'Reilley auto parts to have them check out what was wrong, said Misfire in Cylinder 1. Then it wouldn't make a long story short, took it to Mechanic, changed thermostat, not that, but it had a blown head gasket. I asked him how could it happen that quick..never had anything wrong that would have made me wonder if something was wrong.

$1600 to repair and I've been without a vehicle for almost 2 weeks now. Insane and I see that it's an ongoing problem with these vehicles. Mine only has 69,000 miles too. I drove a Pontiac Montana Van that had 170,000 miles on it before it had a blown head gasket.

Then after fixed drove it to 250,000 miles.

then it just still this is not good. I may be trading after my 2 year mark of having it.


I meant I bought it in 2013..I have had it over a year.


My wife also has a 2006 equinox and has had a ton of problems in the last year. Running rough, took it to Chevy dealer, they said plugs and wires because it's at 100k miles.

She paid them over $700 to change them. Didn't fix the prob and car started overheating. Changed the thermostat. Still overheating.

Changed coolant temp sensor. Still not fixed. Took it to a mom and pop mechanic and found out it was a blown head gasket.

How come Chevy couldn't diagnose this? And they charged $89 every time they "tried" to diagnose the prob.


just sitting in my 2006 equinox this morning with the engine running suddenly the car overheat and the overflow bottle crack all the coolant gone. tow it back to where they just replace the overflow bottle 3 weeks ago.

now they tell me the head gasket is blown, and it will cost from$ 1500 to $2000. to get it fix,are you kidding, who has that kind of money sitting around.


My wife has a 06 Equinox with 67000 miles,I can't believe

that the Head Gasket went Bad. THAT is not good GM.


My 2006 Chevy Equinox has been a drain on my finances since28,000 miles.

Everything from the alternator, transmission ti rods, water and fuel pumps, head gasket.

Pretty much been replaced.

Still sucks. Nothing like my spectrum.


Last friday I was sitting in my 2006 chevy equinox with it running for about 2 minutes when all of a sudden it started overheating. I drove straight to the shop only to find out that it too had a blown gasket head and an estimated $2k to fix...

I too am a very pissed customer and don't know what I am going to do. It also has 70k miles on it.


My daughters chevy equinox just over heated and caused the engine to stop ,she is pregnant and stranded in the middle of noware .man I can believe the problems we've Ben having with this equinox she has purchased.cant chevy build a better car ,ther good at taking in all that money ,now my daughters car is messed up again .it runs for about one month and then thers another problem with it consistently problems .poor poor quality.bye bye chevy never again.

@Billy you

They don't care, If you find out how much money the GM executives make, you will be shocked. This is the root cause of the problems with GM cars.

A local shop replaced the thermostat on my 2006 Equinox and warranty was for two years. The Chevy dealers warranty is for one year.

What that tell you.


Bought my 2006 Equinox new and have had several problems that GM is aware of. The hatchback leaks so bad I had to drill holes in the spare time compartment to allow it to drain out.

The heater blender door broke and cost over $600 to fix. Got the car out of the shop today with a blown head gasket. All these problems are all over the internet and GM is aware of them. GM finally did the right thing and reimbursed me for the heater problem after threat of class action.

Hey GM, how about standing behind your product. No wonder you had to take a federal bailout.