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I have a 2006 Chevy HHR LS and the interior door handle broke off yesterday. To replace this I was informed that you have to spend $300+ to buy the whole door pannel.

This should be a recall as it is a fire/accident hazard. If my car was to catch on fire I would have trouble getting out, the same with accidents. Hopefully that never happens but this is a life threatening concern.

If this did happen I believe my family would be sueing GM. Please get this taken care of so that we do not have to worry about our safety.


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Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, United States #1254063

I also had this issue with the door handle.No extreme wear and tear I just tried to open the door and it snapped off.

I also was shocked at the price quoted.


@flippette.I don't think anyone is being dramatic.

The part costs about $89, but someone has to take the inside of the door off to install it.

There is a high cost for labor.You shouldn't insult people who expect their cars to be made to last a few years.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1014651

We experienced the same exact problem while my daughter is away at school. Her inside door handle snapped off and she has to enter and exit on the passenger's side of her vehicle. This should have been recalled since it is a problem with so many of these vehicles


I have a 2009 HHR...I was totally shocked when the driver's door handle came off in my hand!I have owned many cars over 50 years of driving and had never heard of such a thing.

Plastic, really on such an item.

I did call the G.M. customer relations and asked them to pay the $221 plus tax for the handle replacement.

Basically I was told "too bad, the car is out of warranty" with light use and just over 57k mileage!

This is the first that I have bought....and the last


Concord, North Carolina, United States #957104

Someone is trying to scam you.You can just buy another handle.

You can get a handle from the junk yard.

Chevys are notorious for their inside and outside handles breaking.

I had two.Both had inside and outside handles just snap off.

Just buy another handle and quit being so dramatic.

West Springfield, Virginia, United States #954765

Maybe it would be a good thing for it to catch fire....then you can go buy a car with quality interior construction.

I a sorry... not bashing just your car but GM in general. The only vehicle I would consider from GM is. Truck or a 2015 Corvette.

I found that handle for $24.99 on eBay. It takes like 2 minutes to install it.

Good luck. Maybe you should consider a Ford Escape, Focus, Fusion or any number of Asian cars.

The Accord Sport is the best sedan value in America, period. I have a 2012 Optima EX. It was purchased new in late 2011 and after 38K only the latch to the center console is partially broken. It will be fixed free under warranty.

2 bolts secure the latch, and one backed out, from over use to be honest. I am constantly opening and closing it. I STILL GET COMPLIMENTS ON IT!

Also, it gets 24mpg avg and 34 on the highway.These are my accurate numbers in the real world.

Redford, Michigan, United States #873375


God forbid but if I would experience an emergency which necessitates speedy exit...I could die {time to safely exit impaired due to faulty craftsmanship. ..

Joplin, Missouri, United States #814266

You can by just the handle for about 25 dollars and it took me about 30 minutes to replace. I'm not a mechanic.

Richardson, Texas, United States #813449

I have a 2007 HHR LT.Passenger door handle broke off. Know problem went to the site of GM PARTS ONLINE and Got just the door handle kit for like $60.00.Had my friend replace the door handle and No more problem.The door handle is plastic and With wear and Tear this door handle will brake off.I mean i am not going to cry about $60.00 and I have been driving this vehicle for 7 years without a problem at all.When i carried my vehicle to Chevrolet these people wanted me to purchase the entire door panel,Are they serious,I do not need the entire door panel this is why i went to the GM Parts online site and Purchased the door handle kit only.


i have a 2010 hhr and the drivers door handle snapped on me when i was getting out of it.i have taken extra care for this not to even happen since i have read about this problem since i bought the car.

i took off the door panel and took off pushed up the plastic holding pin and the broken piece of the handle.

why cant thtey just sell the *** handle part that break or make a metal replacement we can just replace that piece and the plastic holding pin changed to a metal one.i have a machinist friend that i am gonna try and see if his company can remanufacture these outta metal and then i can market them lol

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