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We presently own an 06 Pontiac Pursuit with 41000 KM on it. It has always been a lightly used garage queen that is driven by a middle aged lady who is the first owner.

We have experienced a rattle in the front steering column and have replaced several front end parts which did not correct the issue. After years of frustration and many trips to the dealer as well as independents with no real honest answers I came across a you tube video (steering rattle on 06 Cobalt) that finally identified the problem. GM engineers in their wisdom put a plastic gear in the steering box where the power assist motor joins to the steering drive. My feeling is that this was done intensionally to make the part fail and require replacement as it seems that many were changed under warranty and even to a layman this just is not right.

I believe this part part is not only an issue for customer satisfaction but could be a safety issue in cold climates, which is where we live. I called GM to see if they would assist in the parts or labour for the repairs but was given nothing. The thing that really hurts is that after spending nearly $1000 on the replacement of this part, it has not been improved and so will most likely fail again very soon. I own two GM products now and have had many in the past, but when I renew my cars you can rest assured a GM will not be on my shopping list.


Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1234333

I couldn't agree more. General Motors are engineering their vehicles downward, so that they're garbage after a few short miles (or years).

I'm with you - buy a vehicle from a different manufacturer.

Someone who values their customers and their reputation.

Obviously GM doesn't value either.

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