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I have recently came home from Afghanistan and I go to get into this P.O.S. Pontiac G6 and the power steering light came on, then the steering wheel started jerking and twitching by itself.

Going down the road at just about any speed, mainly 40+ the wheel will lock to the left at about a 45 degree angle and it takes all the strength I have just to keep the *** thing from hitting someone head on. Addressed it with GM, the CSR told me that the 05, 06, 08, 09 G6 had the recall but not my 07.

Said they would get me assistance, finally get a call from a very unprofessional *** that is supposed to be in management just to say that there were no reports, no TSB's, no recalls and there is nothing they could do to help me, that it wasn't a safety issue??? Please everyone, if you have one of these worthless cars, write it up to GM before someone or I myself dies in an accident because it wasn't "safety" related.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Omg I have a Pontiac G6 2006 and they told me that mine isn't 1 that had the recall. So basically they are choosing which cars they will and will not fix. I will Never buy another GM vehicle.


When is this problem going to get resolved!!?? Clearly, lots of ppl have this same problem with the power steering light & stiff steering whenever it feels like it!!!


I have problems with the power steering light coming on all the time, the steering feels stiff


I'm having the same issue. I just don't understand how you jump over 2007. This is such BS.


I have a 2007 g6 that I have replaced the high pressure hose twice in less than 90 days. This is a *** poor design by Pontiac.

So far I have spent over $600.

This is *** somebody is going to end up getting hurt. GM I have a really good lawyer this needs to be addressed


I have never had so many issues as I have had with my 07 g6. I also called GM and they gave me the same BS.

Come on GM how in the he'll is it that all other years have a recall but the 07 does NOT.


What I have been told is that GM directly was that the recall and repair applied to all G5 G650 from now get this, all 06 08 and the.09 's were the only ones covered because they deemed to be a non safety issue and they wouldn't even help with any financial contributions. My friend, I nailed into the concrete barrier on I65 at 103 mph due to the steering wheel locked to the left on a 45 degree angle with the engine wide open.

Get rid of that piece of *** because you won't get any help and you possibly having something worse happening to you. NON SAFETY RELATED, lol what?

That's why I have a huge lawsuit on there sorry ***. You be safe out there and take care


I just had the steering column 0n my 2007 Pontiac g6 replaced due to the power steering repeatedly going out. Why in the world have these 2007 g6's not been recalled?

This makes no sense. Are they waiting for someone to get killed?


I have similar problems with my 2007 G6. The airbag light has come on a couple of times.

I have had the steering lock up on me but I was lucky I was backing into my garage. Then another time I was stopped at a red light and a truck in front of me backed into me when he thought the light turned green and it was only the arrow so he backed up without looking and struck my car. As I tried to pull the car to the curb it became real hard to steer. After shutting off the car and restarting there was no more problem for a couple of years.

Last month I seemed to have lost my steering assist while driving. Also my steering makes a popping sound when starting from a stop or picking up speed and sometimes while turning the wheel. I was told it wasn't a hazard by a mechanic who had talked to a GM mechanic but I feel it is. Especially the lockup.

We have always had GM trucks and cars with only one problem with a GM truck regarding the steering column. It was worked on twice then replaced but we did trade it for a new GM truck with no problem. Gas crunch hit and we traded the truck for the 2007 G6.

I feel GM should fix these problems. I would trade it in but can't afford to at this time.


Yes I am having the same problem with my 07 G6 and my air bag sensor came on saying the air bags were not working.


Yes my 2007 G6 is steering disaster waiting 2 happen. I'm a single mom reaching out for help.


Hi Hero,

I'm the original poster about this. Just take my advice and get rid of it for you and your childrens safety.

I had to go tdy and decided to drive it after paying over $1200 total repair. While driving down I-5 out of Seattle, Wa. my wheel locked 45 degrees to the left this time at 75 mph and slammed me into the concrete divider. Luckily I was fine just pissed off, I then reached to get my phone to see that the car was on fire.

I put my phone back in my pocket and walked about 300 feet away and watched it burn.

I have since received my settlement from GM and will never own another. Good luck to you and please be careful.


Sounds like some real GM suckys here. Especially when there are numerous accounts of the same problem.

And age of the vehicle with the same problem, hmm. Why be part of the solution when you can support the problem. This is exactly why the foreign market supports half of the American sales.

I live in Lansing Mi. and would be ashamed to admit it when I also have a neighbor whose 2007 G6 also has this reoccurring problem.


This is your problem not GM,And you have a very nasty attitude i can understand why you cannot get any help.And no i do not work for any vehicle dealership.I am sure someone else drove your vehicle while you where gone ask that person and Just maybe you will find out what the problem is.You do not have to get angry at other's because you have a problem with you 07 vehicle.Fix the dam thing or Have you heard of Trade-In.


No.....this is (or seems to be) GM's problem. The defect that created recalls on the '05-'06, '08-'09 is most likely the same that is present in the 2007 model.

I am an attorney in the state of Ohio (also a 2007 Pontiac G6 owner-steering problems included) considering filing a class action suit against GM regarding the unaddressed defect in the 2007 G6.

Anyone who has had similar issues and may be interested in a possible class action suit compelling GM to address this issue or reimburse those that have addressed it themselves please email me at a_violand@yahoo.com with details of the steering issues you have faced with your 2007 Pontiac G6.


Well I have a Pontiac g6 2007 in my power steering light came on also in my steering wheel locked on me so I called gm in they said the same to me about my car not on recall I feel it is on recall so what can I do


I have a 2007 G6 4 cyl with 170K on it have had very few issue until now, I have the "haunted, jittering, pulling to the left issue that many others have been seeing in the 2005's up to the 2009's, except the 2007's. I realize I am way outta warranty but come on GM this is the same unsafe issue you have been recalling for years.

Step up and do the right thing. I've been a local GM customer for many years and when I called in, all I got was it is not our issue and that is the kind of reply that loses loyal customers to another brand. I am currently scheduling to get it fixed, estimate $1,200.00.

Too good of car not to fix. To all others with this issue, I would support a law suite over this issue as it is just not right.


as bewildering as it is to me and to explain myself to someone so pathetic that lives and breathes under the very blanket of freedom I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it. Connie go *** yourself, you don't just chime into a conversation and verbally attempt to slam me for one, or anyone else for that matter. Your attitude is exactly why this country is so GD *** up, so take caution in your tone with me ***. If you would prefer discuss this matter face to face, or by phone, let me shed some light on that one for you.

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Connie, you are an ***. And .


. that is all.


Have the same problem with 2007 Pontiac g6 power steering. Why does the recall not include 2007 models??????? When so many are having the same issue