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In 2007, I bought a new Ion, I do very few miles with the car. About a year ago I notice a mild cluncking sound coming from the front end. Lately it's gotten to the point where I had to have someone look at it. My buddy is a heavy duty mechanic. and so one Sunday, he jacked it up and located the problem. Seems that at 30,000 miles the lower control arm bushings had failed. Also he noticed that the front brake rotors were badly worn.

Next day I took it to the G. M. I told them how I felt about it, after all the car from a mileage stand point is still new. The service writter told me if I wanted to.... call G.M. but don't hope for much.

Just to keep them honest, I also got a quote from another national, non brranded chain down the road. There quote, $440.00 same job. After looking at both quotes, the non branded chain can do the job in 2.2 hrs labor, but at G.M with all that experince, special tools, and factory training, it takes them 6 tenths of a hour more to do the same job. I went to the non branded folks across the street. Seems that G.m's. plan is to not onlly build junk, but kick-em hard when there down. When the car was in, they phoned and said they checked the rotors, the had worn below spec, and had to be changed. I said what abot the brake pads. They said there fine.

I'm 60 yrs I've old bought and sold lots of new cars, but I've never heard of lower control arm bushings failing, and certainly never heard of brake rotors wearing out before the pads. I guess in a way it a good thing the bushings failed, because if they didn't those rotors would have failed, and then what. I shudder to think what could have happened.

There is a solution to this problem. It,s called Nissian. We've also had a 92, 2003, and 2004, Sentra's. all bought used. They all went over 150,000 miles, and frankly never went back to the dealer, or shop, for any repair other than normal brakes, oil etc.

Think long and hard before you write that next check.

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Well I bought a new Ion in July of 2007 & traded it in in Oct 2012 with over 200,000 miles on it. It was so good I looked for a long time to find a low mileage replacement to trade it in on, finally found a better equipped 2007 Ion with 50,000 miles & did buy it.

It was the best car I ever owned, put front brakes & rotors on it @ 125,000 miles & still had the original rears on it when I traded it in.

I understand the control arm bushing do not last long, mine had the original clutch, belts hoses & coolant when I traded it in, put 1 set of spark plugs,air & fuel filter & really was a problem free car.

As for Nissans, no Asian cars are manly & I would only only a real American car, remember Pearl Harbor! I don't know maybe its OK to forget being attacked since it was a long time ago?