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I bought a 2010 Equinox with the 2.4l in it. We had to have the time chain replaced twice!

Each time I asked if this was damaging the engine and was assured it was not. Well, now that the warranty has expired dealer says I need new pistons and rings for a grand total of $4100 to fix it. GM says they will contribute $2500 and I have to pay $1600 and I will get a 12 month 12000 mile warranty. I asked how much to put in a new engine with a 36 month 100k warranty.

They said $3800. I said lets do the new engine, was told that's not an option. What sense does that make? Way to run off a loyal Chevy customer there, GM.

Looks like a new Ford will be going in the garage. DO NOT BUY A CHEVROLET EQUINOX!

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Same thing happened to me. I will never buy another GM product all they put out is junk Shame

Morrison, Colorado, United States #1311281

This is what happened to me, feel free to post it anywhere you want.

2011 GMC Terrain Claim# 8-2733357728

VIN# 2CTALSEC3B6222881 88184 Miles

• Oil is changed every 3000 to 4000 miles with Valvoline synthetic 5W-30.

• During the last oil change at 3500 miles I noticed when I drained the oil the volume that came out seemed to be low.

• I changed the oil and began checking the oil every other fill of the gas tank. • After 1400 miles I had to add a quart of oil • I consulted the service bulletin # 15285 and took the vehicle to the dealer (Emich Chevrolet 844-346-0091) to perform an oil consumption test.

• After driving 1100 miles I returned to the dealer for the conclusion of the test and the vehicle failed the test. • During disassembly of the engine I was contacted by the service advisor (Erin 303-716-6490) saying they had run into a snag with the motor. • One of the timing chain guide bolts had sheared off and the timing chain had chewed into the block where the guide is supposed to mount. (Timing chain failure service bulletin # 12313C) • Also there is #43180: Product Emission Recall – High Pressure Fuel Pump – (Sep 30, 2016) which can leak fuel into the crankcase wiping lubricant off the chain guide causing the chain to cut through the guide.

(This Happened) • It was advised that I had a couple options: (1) After a $2500 credit for the timing chain I could purchase a new block for $5500 dollars. (2) Trade the vehicle in for a new one. The dealer offered $3000.00 for trade. I could see them salivating at this idea.

• As this looks like it has been cutting into the block for an extended amount of time I feel that this damage should be covered as an incidental under the special policy created after these service bulletins came out as a lack of oil had a bearing on this issue. • GM customer service contact: Michella 866-790-5700 ex. 5921578 • The dealer and GM customer service offered a 50/50 deal where it would be $4000.00 to me and I refused this offer. • So the vehicle is now repaired, the damage was $3000.00.

• So answer me this. GM issued a Special Coverage Adjustment 12313C – Engine balance chain and fuel pump. The special coverage extends the warranty to 120,000 miles or 10 years whichever occurs first. The fuel pump injected fuel on to the balance chain guide eliminating the lubrication causing the chain to cut the guide off and cut into the block.

This is what happened, shouldn’t the special coverage apply? • All I got from GM was that the power train was out of warranty so the block is not covered. What happened to the extended warranty? What good is issuing a special coverage when you are not going to honor it?

• I was in contact with GM and was told they were following the dealer recommendations. The problem with that is there was no communication between the service manager and myself so I had no idea what the status of my vehicle was or what the communication between the dealership and GM was. So was the tail wagging the dog? • I have always bought GM vehicles but from this day forward I will let all my friends and family know that GM does not back their products so buy from a different manufacture.

• So now, the icing on the cake. No Warranty!

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