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I also bought a brand new 2010 Equinox. Had to change the high pressure fuel pump, adjust the programming for the oil change indicator and after 5 years and no warranty at 52k miles the car started stalling with rough idling.

It had a code P0605 which indicates air intake problems. On the way to work it stalled again and heard a " pop" noise. I was close to work so I called a tow truck and took the car to my mechanic. The car was completely out of oil.

I told him that it was not possible since I just had an oil change and I did not have any indication from the car that it was low on oil. He lifted the car and found a massive oil leak from the main seal. After some research he found a bulletin PIP5093 and a repair method for the oil leak. It was caused by frozen PCV system and excessive crankcase pressure.

The repair is about $1,200.

This car is a piece of ....... I will never buy GM car again!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If I were you I would contact GM at the number in your owners manual. I know from experience that GM will tell a dealer no when they ask for assistance for a customer but will sometimes bend when the customer contacts them directly.

If you get nowhere with GM ask to meet with the GM district service manager for your dealer. These people work for GM and are extremely overworked, they will sometimes pay a bill just because they do not have time to check it out .

I have worked for GM dealers for many years. Dealerships are franchised, like Burger King, and we can only do so much.