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My 2010 SS broke a valve spring while driving about 20MPH in a parking lot. This caused the valve to drop and the piston imploded, causing the rod to come out of the side of the engine. GM said "Owner Caused" and would not honor warranty. Three months later GM agreed to pay labor and parts but charged us $5,000.00 for the engine. After inspecting the old engine the rod was broke and the lifter actually took a lobe off the camshaft.

We have asked for our $$ back but all I can say it this is the last GM car my family will own. GM offers this 5 year 100K powertrain warranty and then will tell you "Owner Caused" What the heck does that mean. GM will not tell us and they will no call us. They hid behind the dealer who has told us that GM should replace the engine.

David took down Goliath with a tiny stone and soon I will start printing the DMA or should I say the Dumb A$% name on the internet.

GM your not fair and your employee is this case is killing a already damage company.

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #887806

Obama Motors........I filed a complaint with the CEO yesterday and I'm betting that I will not get a response from her either. Also filed a North Carolina DOJ complainant. I refuse to allow companies like this to kick consumers in the teeth.

Alberta, Canada #887791

GM really does not care. They know they will get bailed out again when their company goes down the toilet.

to Pokerface005 Seattle, Washington, United States #935667

well... I've driven chevys most of my life...

always wanted a '52 1/2 ton pu w/ a 292 six in it... but when they hid problems for ten years that killed people... took billions in bailout money(taxpayer money) filed bankruptcy... and stole a billion and a half...(unpaid taxpayer money) I decided then to never own(new or used) another chevy...

then I read...... they're investing 5 BILLION dollars in mexico.... ? go figure....

a great american company...

be american, buy american... if you can find anything made here....

Harrisburg, North Carolina, United States #883493

This occurred in the Charlotte market so if you need warranty work go far away. This guy has no clue about the mechanics of an engine.

Obama a Ford.

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