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So I bought my car new from the dealer and NEVER had an issues other than a water pump that they fixed under warranty. My warranty went out on my car Oct .

2017 and I currently have 69k miles and all of a sudden my car would not accelerate and was ready to die in reverse. I had to have my car towed 2x about ($300.00) in tows and got it to the dealer and I was told by one of their service techs that my 3t & 5t trans / clutch plates broke and I quote " this shouldn't have happened and we hope GM will cover all or most of the repairs" I get a call back and the total for repairs were $3100.00 to replace the broken parts not an overhaul on the trans and GM would only cover 30% so out of pocket it was about $2300.00 plus tax and diagnostics which I already had the diagnostics done bc I work at a repair shop but I knew I was going to have to eat the costs anyways, I stated that is just not right I am barley 5 months out of warranty and under 100K miles for the 5yr 100K my car had. I called GM customer service and had to wait 2 days for a callback and they pretty much told me that the dealer already put the numbers through and they couldn't adjust, I couldn't receive further assistance because I did not bring my car to the dealer for routine oil changes ect... I stated then why was I told by your service department that this shouldn't have happened and I am receiving very little assistance and I was told I don't know why the service dept told you this................?????

I also asked about "Good Faith Warranty" and she said they don't do that on their vehicles. I have had 3 used Chevy's prior to buying my first ever new car my 2012 Chevy Cruz and because of this experience I WILL NEVER BUY ONE AGIAN!!

I always praised how awesome my car was never had issues ect and of course this came at the worse time of having my first baby in 3 months and all the money I had saved bc I will not get paid when I go on maternity leave and my husbands car a Chevy Impala broke as well. GM you will not receive any praise, business, ect from me and I run the office of a repair shop and I will make sure ALL my customers are aware of what happened with my car and your faulty transmissions!

Product or Service Mentioned: 2012 Chevrolet Cruze Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $3100.

I liked: I liked the service from the dealer.

I didn't like: Service from gm directly.

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I have the exact problem. 2012 Chevy Cruze 3 5 and reverse.

Wave plate .

GM only offering 30%. We all should start a class action lawsuit!

to Anonymous #1467046

I saw two other people as well same issue when I did a google search and I believe one said there is one already in the making I also just got a fb friend request and messages from supposedly the CEO of GM but I think its a *** account

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