Sandusky, Michigan
Not resolved

Bought this vehicle used in Aug 2015. In October, it started stalling out on me at stop lights or while shifting it into gear from a parked position.

Took it to dealer 11/13/15 and code was camshaft actuator. Replaced faulty solenoid. 1/16/16 Notice oil leak as getting ready to leave for work. Drive to dealer instead.

1/4 mile from dealer car engine goes into reduced power mode. Coast into dealer. Blown rear main seal. Replaced timing and balance shaft chains, real oil seal, unplugged, unclogged PCV valve.

wheel alignment, radiator flush (I paid for) issue with wheel bearing. 2-4-16 car stalling again. replaced camshaft actuator again. 2-8-16 car stalling again.

Left at dealer.

Don't want it back. Too dangerous for single woman to be driving this unreliable car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

General Motors Pros: Service dept staff.

General Motors Cons: Having the same issues after the car was fixed, Multiple complaints about this issue for 3 car model years, Nickle and diming me to death, Dangerous vehicle, Unsafe to drive.

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  • Gm Recall
  • Fix My Engine
  • Gm Sucks
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