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i just purchased a 2012 silverado extended cab 1/2 pick up. i was told about the so called "learning transmission".

after putting 1,400 miles on my truck , @ 16.4 mpg, rated at 21 hwy, im still having problems with the transmission. when you reduce your speed anywheres to 15-21mph, like a intersection, or yield sign, and you then excelerate, the truck doesnt move forcing you to push the pedal harder then truck goes into a gear and lurches forward. you cant get out of the intersection quickly if you had to or if you attempt from a dead stop to travel up a steep hill, the truck doesnt move, and when you push the pedal to the floor it begins to move slowly. this too creates a very dangerous situation.

i read many complaints about the same situation and GM states the transmission is acting as designed.

how can GM put a truck on the market that has this problem which can result in injury or death? please help!v

Monetary Loss: $19.

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I have a 2012 with 4.8L and 4 speed tranny 4L60E I think.

The transmission makes a clunking sound when shifting.


Im having issues with my 2012 Chevy 1500 4 door ltz transmission is already slipping Im never hard on it or anything I don't think it's worth 50k and already having issues only use for hwy use only anyone else have issues or know if its any recalls on it?


That sucks-if true----GM may be like its delayed transmissions-slow to act--by the way----the silverado brandname is old and without merit-my 1976 silverado camper special 3/4 ton actually had lots of nice chrome detailing outside and in---today it only gets you a silver covered plastic nameplate and "zilch" otherwise.....all part of a dying usa...fat sloth like ceo's running these corporations overpaid and unable to move a company toward the product and country and peoples prosperity