Cheboygan, Michigan
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My Impala that I bought for my retirement is a piece of ***. Last December took it in, trunk was full of water.

Dealer did a water test, said the sunroof drain tube was not connected. So we took it on vacation to Florida this past few weeks. Got caught is a down pour in Tennessee. Got to Biloxi, went to take stuff out of trunk,, soaked.

laundry bag golf clubs, even the mats in the back seat we drenched.

Smells like mildew really bad, took it back to chevy ,, they replied you should of taken pictures of the water damage... dumb-*** it is still all wet, we can't drive it if it is sprinkling, getting really disgusted,

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

General Motors Cons: How much i paid for such a cheaply made vehicle.

  • Lemon auto
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The dealership took all carpet out . Replaced carpets, back seats, due to mold.

Had it for over a week.

First rain, wet trunk again. How long do you have to apply the lemon law.


The comprehensive portion of your auto insurance may cover the loss(es). Check it out with your insurance provider.

As for the Impala, all you can do is have the dealer check it out and fix it under warranty.

Personally, I would dump the car shortly after that as I wouldn't trust it. I heard that your town was named after the Indian with ten boys replied to the question of what his wife gave birth to this time by saying "she boy (a)gan."


We took all the wet stuff to a laundromat,,, it is the car that stinks, supposed to take it next week so they can see once again if they can find the leaks, and our Cheboygan is in MI.. but that is a funny story...