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The day I received my vehicle it was already broken. The GPS was malfunctioning with a big red X over it, but I was told it would resolve itself after the map 'got acquainted' to the area as the Tahoe was broken in. The dealership said give it until 2,000-2,500 miles on it and bring it back if it is not resolved. Meanwhile I find out that not only is the GPS malfunctioning, the vehicle cannot remote start, and OnStar cannot locate the vehicle (ie meaning no ability to connect to the car in the event of an accident with location information, or tracking if the vehicle is stolen). I proceeded to take the Tahoe into the dealership for those repairs over the course of just over 2 months. Additionally, I advised the engine was running hot, smelled like something was burning, and the transmission was shifting hard (all of which it STILL does). No resolutions on the engine/transmission issues still to date and I have had the vehicle less than a year.

Since the final resolution of the GPS, remote start issues, and OnStar issues, I have taken the vehicle in for the navigation map having significant bugs and the backup camera sticking or failing to even turn on. Those issues were finally resolved (partially, as it still has flickering and some screen sticking) since an update was done for the infotainment center.

All of the issue listed were within the first 6 months of receiving the vehicle. Just after 7 months of having the vehicle I hear extreme grinding in the wheel wells when I decided to drive with the windows down and was making a turn. The sound scared me half to death as the vehicle also was having a hard time turning. I took it in to a dealership that was closest to where I was at the time of the noise. They proceeded to ask me dumb questions such as "Has anyone tried to take the front end of your vehicle apart recently?" Seriously, who the heck is going to disassembly the front end of their brand new car 'just because' all the while the service advisor was laughing and saying I was lucky I brought it in when I did because my front end was about to fall off at my axles. They had to replace the passenger front axle and repair the driver side front axle.

Then again a couple months later I have a loud grinding noise again on the driver's side of the vehicle with difficulties turning. I take it in again to the dealership closest to my location when I had the issues with turning. The electrical wiring harness in the engine was no longer in it proper position having fallen down in the driver side between the engine and the wheel well and was being rubbed on by my tire when trying to turn. The harness had to be repaired and put back into place, as well as the wheel well replaced.

If only the issues with my 2015 Chevy Tahoe stopped there! Figures, now my engine is leaking oil. It was leaking so much oil they couldn't even find the point of origin. The dealership added dye to find the leaks to which has been determined an issue with the lower oil pan is why my engine is leaking oil all over in my driveway and garage. And lastly (for the moment until who knows what else will break or fall off my 2015 Tahoe), the steering column was making a lot of popping and the ball bearings and what-not need replaced in the steering column now. It is scheduled for the repairs for the latest set of issues sometime this week. Hopefully it will last a couple weeks after these repairs before I have to take it in again for who knows what next. I am extremely disappointed in GM's customer service department when trying to get a resolution to my vehicle and getting it replaced like I have been asking from the get-go.

The GM rep today finally told me there was nothing they could/would do despite my constant worry that axles, wheels, or critical engine components will fall apart on my new vehicle leaving me possibly dead in a ditch! I have a young child who also depends on the reliability of this vehicle to get safely to each destination. It is ridiculous that I have to fear taking her with me anywhere.

GM gave me a Lemon, but refuses to replace it!!

I am asking for it to be bought back and a new vehicle replace it. I would think that would be reasonable opposed to them having a bigger issue such as my death as the result of their faulty manufacturing!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $69000.

Preferred solution: I would like to swap my vehicle out for a new one that is not a Lemon..

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