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TO: GMAC 8-2-2016

RE; 2015 Canyon Pick up vin#

Dear Sirs,

Having previous good experience with GMC I returned to your brand for my new purchases. My last GMC was a 2003 and I put nearly a quarter of a million miles on it before it was destroyed by a reckless driver. I bought the new Canyon pick-up in the winter it was running and worm when I took it for the test-drive. Which turned out to be a huge mistake on my part.

I also looked at important specifications, and window sticker nomenclature.

(1) The ability to tow up to 7000 LBS

This I do not believe can be done. I pull a small 8x10 trailer including cargo of just 350 lbs. I figure it was about 3000 lbs. it’s like pulling a house down the road at 7 MPG. Not just handling the power plant was over rot trying to keep the rig at highway speeds without even attempting to pass (wouldn’t even consider it with the way the motor was behaving) I DROVE TO Hudson WI from Newpot,MN a fifteen minute drive took nearly a quarter of a tank in gas I’ve never seen anything like that EVER.

(2) Gas mileage is just bad!

I may as well be driving the bigger rig this is not saving me a dime.

(3) The on board computer is very slow – very, very slow.

In today’s computing world this is so frustrating having to wait long periods of time more than (30) seconds to boot - to have the tools and information to proceed on a trip. It’s not covered under warranty yet runs the entire truck so if it quits. Well that’s a problem.

(4) Acceleration letting off the gas on a freeway ramp or navigating traffic and re-pressing the gas to find the motor (missing) no power!

This happens allot and it’s a terrible issue. The shop said (“they are aware of that, it’s within spec”)

The motor behaves like it’s stalling when the gas is re-applied – so, frustrating and a little scary when trying to get on a highway. This issue is listed all over the internet and yet GMAC still ignores this issue.

(5) Maps that are way out of date.

I travel daily and find that the navigation does not include neighborhood’s that have been established for 5 or more years.

(6) Underpowered

Granted I’m used to a V8 but was told that “THIS HAS ALL THE POWER OF AN OLD V8” in your nomenclature and advertising.

In short; I do not believe that you’re advertising, window sticker, sales team or nomenclature was truthful about what I could expect from this (Professional grade) truck. I’ve had it in the shop 4 times in 10,000 miles. I’m a self-employed and this was a major deal for me – Now being told the truck is running at specification. I’m really stuck. Tried to trade out of it only to be told I would get less than 3/4 its value so that’s a no go -- to be that upside-down. I do not know where to turn, this unit is not anything like what I was told it could do. There are other nuisances, what were you thinking - things that I could live with, but the power and towing is unacceptable! I have talked to other people what have the exact same experience- issues I’m having with this new forty for thousand dollar truck!


Daniel Coulter

Product or Service Mentioned: 2015 Gmc Canyon Car.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $44000.

I didn't like: Just do not care buyer beware.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1281699

reaching 30K miles now - same truck as above!


I have honestly tried to keep emotion out of this, but I have been HAD!!! This truck is junk!

I just don’t know what to do, I don’t blame Walzer I blame GMC

The radio for the FORTH time has completely re-set

• Right from the very start this radio has had issues.

• ALL of my contacts and information GONE! • All my custom settings GONE! • The voce command back on for navigation. • The heads up display – all my radio presets.

• The dimmer keeps changing on and off even during the day. • The door CHIMES ARE VERY, VERY LOUD!!!!!!!!!! • And with the door open and the key it keeps graduating louder and louder!!!! • The radio never really shuts off it just mutes the sound so the program still runs.

• Maps are so out of date – I’m constantly driving OFF road in well-established neighborhoods. • Navigation still gives LAST SECOND exit information ( have missed so many) It is not safe to be forced to change - lanes at the last possible second. • Why does the computer take SO LONG to boot??? • The outlet for the trailer plugs is loose.

• The carpet and headliner was cut to short. • LOCK light on instrument cluster is on after motor is started quite a few times. Not consistent. • If the WI_FI is on my phone the truck blocks it from working because I do not subscribe to your wi-fi service so I have to turn my wi-fi on and off on the phone EVERY time I use the *** truck!

The driver’s window went “nuts” the other day it was about half way down and shuttered up and down I left the Butten alone and it kept going then even re-pressing the button it kept on for 10 seconds or so. Auto window controller has always been touchy with regard to the auto up and down anyway. WHY IS THERE NO POWER??? The literature said this can pull 7000 LBS --- OK, than what is wrong with this thing???

I try to pull less than ½ that weight and I have to be very careful not to over rev the motor!!!!! At 7MPG! I can’t pass anyone, I can’t use the cruise control during a tow because I’m afraid the motor is going to blow!! The motor is OBVIUOSTLY WAY TO SMALL even for the truck all by itself let alone to tow trailers.

I expect it to live up to (reasonable) EXPECTATIONS! This truck so far has not even come close!

From that and for $44K it’s no joke - or any value to me if it DOES NOT WORK!!!! Unacceptable!

North Augusta, South Carolina, United States #1234340

No, my issue is wish GMC Buyer beware, this truck is ***!

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