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I have a 2016 Corvette with less than 5000 miles on it my transmission went out in these guys wants to put a rebuilt transmission in this is horrible this is unreal I promise you I will never buy a Chevrolet or GM product ever again this is what they want I have been screwed on my warranty. They refused to put in a new transmission horrible horrible I'm doing business as well with GM Buick on Murfreesboro Tennessee they also lost a lot of business

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Sounds like they've changed their policy ... they fixed my (then 3 years old) 1991 Corvette that was over 6 months past warranty because it was April and I told them I put the car away for the winter in October and this was the second day out.

"Many of our Corvette owners do the same thing to preserve their cars and we will replace your (then) $850 ignition system components at no charge to you. Thank you for your purchase of Chevrolet."

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