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I own a 2008 Silverado LT ext cab and after 42xxx miles, i decided to put new tires on it. Well i leveled the front end of the truck and put 285 tires on instead of the stock 265 that came with it (its a truck!!!!). Come to find out, GM is now manufacturing their trucks w the speed sensors in the Drive Axle meaning u can not change tire size up or down without throwing the whole computer out of wack. Even buying a speedometer calibrator wont fix the light issue.

Theres no way to fix it other than to put the stock size tires back on the truck. Complete ridiculousness. Called GM to ask what can be down because it took them a year to find an answer to this problem when i only had a 30day warranty on the tires. GM says theres nothing they will do to correct or help with the problem.

Note to self, if u ever buy a truck that u want to put different tires on.......DONT BUY A CHEVY

and my family owns 8 different GM vehicles including 4 silverado's

Its a shame to see how GM is unwilling to help consumers w a problem that has never been a problem in many years before.

Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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oh and by the way i own a 98 and am a tech. and it is like that on my truck.

so it has been goin on for a decade before you bought your truck. and your dealer would be more than happy to help you if you would get your head out of you butt and stop thiking you know everything.


you are a *** ***. *** boy. :cry