Reston, Virginia

I think that the complaints on this site about GM are bogus. They all sound like they were written by that same guy that has a grudge against GM, Go to all different divisions and look.

All sound the same. Im Pissed needs to go in and look at this. we have all had problems with our cars and if you have had this kind of problem you go to the District or Area manager. Never try to hash it out locally.

I have owned GM since day one. many maks and models and they all have some quirke.

They are machines but come of the complaints are really assinine.

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I agree GM has poor customer service from the dealership to the GM complaint dept..with admitted missdiagnous from the dealership to washing there hands from a known defect to there cylinder heads from the factory, spending over $50k for a Tahoe was a bad mistake. should have bought a Honda.

Better out of warranty cust. service.


hate to see someone else has had similar problems with 2000 sls auto. new ignition, new starter, new battery, new parts everywhere, but continue to have stalling issues. Car has 50,000miles.


I also own a 2000 gm car, a Cadillac sls, same problems. After several costly diagnostic tests, to no avail.

Car keeps stalling in traffic. Several hundreds of dollars later, still problems.


Are you kidding? GM has the worst customer service in the business-to go along with their shoddy engineering and poor dealership service.

After dealing with two trucks from GM we will never buy again.

We also purchased a Saab in 2009-we are happy with that car and the dealership and now GM is screwing that up. GM should have been allowed to die


:roll Well good for you!

I myself have had issues AND made a complaint on this site... yet the car I have issues with is the FIRST GM vehicle I have ever owned!

So no I am not the same guy you seem to think I am... I am a woman first of all, second of all, I carry no grudge, I just expect them to pay for the repairs on a known defect on my vehicle!