Toronto, Ontario

I have a 2006 Buick Lucerne, Purchased new and maintained regularly at GM dealership as per the maintenance manual. Last week of December 2012, a grinding noise was heard, my wife took it in to Highland Dealership in Aurora, ON and she was told after a thorough check up that there is nothing to worry about and she can drive it safely. Four days later, I took the car back to dealership complaining about the same noise. Later on that day, they called me to let me know that the transmission broke down while they were test driving it.

Again, the car was maintained regularly as per the maintenance manual at the GM dealership and they had flushed the transmission at 65K. The transmission broke down at 124K. I have never pulled or towed anything with the car.

I was surprised, Called in GM Canada customer service to complain and was told by a manager that regular car maintenance at the dealership means nothing and will not elongate the life of the car. What had happened is an expected mechanical failure and is due to Bad Luck !!! Sorry, you are on your own and the Dealership that repaired my car gave me an excellent deal and I should be happy.

I just could not believe my ears and after all the expensive maintenance as recommended by GN at a GM dealership does not elongate the life of a car and GM Buick transmission is made to last only 120K??!!

Monetary Loss: $3300.

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