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I purchased a beautiful and expensive 2008 Cadillac CTS. It is well maintained.

Then all of a sudden my wife, my 3 small children, and myself started coming down with respiratory illnesses, and sinus ailments. Then around the same time I noticed the inside of my Cadillac having mildew and mold. So I looked to the sunroof and couldn't understand why as I have cleaning the drains every six months are suggested. It leaked down the A Pilar and into the trunk and floorboards of the car after a rain.

It was quite bad actually the smell was horrendous and the car was getting to be such a health hazard that we got sick everyone we got in it. I reached out to GM several times and they said get it evaluated at the nearest dealer at my cost of course and in the next sentence they would say your car Is out of warranty sorry. I took it to the dealer and they kept it for 5 days for a leak test and said the entire sunroof module including the glass needs replaced at the sum of $2600 not counting the abatement and replacement of the interior that has mold all throughout. I asked why the glass had to be replaced nothing is wrong with the glass, and they said it needed to be or it will continue to leak.

I didn't know intact glass can go defective, but this is what I was told. I was also informed that they noticed my fuel pump is spraying out fresh gasoline above the fuel tank and it needed to be replaced at the tune of $1400. Now were at $4000 worth of repairs and the mold still exists! I was given a claim number from GM and was told somebody would contact me and of course nobody has.

These are just canned responses to avoid handling the issue. The car is a very well-maintained it is beautiful in every way, but one has to wear a respirator to travel anywhere in it or face being deathly ill. I spent extra money to buy a top-of-the-line vehicle and to me this is not a maintenance concern this is a safety and health hazard concern, yet GM wants to turn a blind eye. How does GM expect repeat business when they know they have expensive luxury vehicles out there that are unsafe and sickening families with children that ride in them?

I didn't authorize repairs as GM is ignoring my complaints. I won't repair it at my cost I'll just put magnetic signs on it and let the public out on how unsafe it is and then drive around with the respirator on and get everybody's attention as to how Cadillac builds a car. That's shock value for a heavily populated central Florida who loves their Cadillacs! When everybody sees my car they always ask how do you like that car how does a treat you in until now I've always gave great feedback now I can give the truth of how the car is and how GM turned their back on us.

When I brought the car home from the dealership I noticed 6 inches of standing stagnant water in the spare tire wheel well of the trunk. Give me to tell me the dealership couldn't even suck that out before I drove it home? They certainly got money from me but yet let a car drive out like that. The whole situation is disgusting.

There's an old saying you get what you pay for. However with a top-of-the-line Cadillac it doesn't seem to be the case with GM.

Buyers beware!!! If you care for the health and safety of your family you will purchase elsewhere!!

Product or Service Mentioned: 2008 General Motors Cadillac Cts Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I understand your frustration, and your situation definitely sounds frustrating and unfortunate, but having water leaks in a 9 year old used car really isn't something that the manufacturer should be expected to get involved with. Unless you can somehow show that the water leaks or mold growth are due to some kind of failure or oversight in the original design of the vehicle, then you're just unlucky, as much as that sucks to hear.

A friend of mine bought a 2008 Audi A4 used, and ended up having to replace the engine due to water damage of some electronics that fried some modules, and destroyed the engine. That wasn't Audi's fault however, and it was handled through a warranty that they purchased when they bought the car from the used car dealer.

I recommend you do some legwork, find out what the cause of this really is, and try to determine if it could actually be something lawsuit-eligible, otherwise, you just have an unfortunate situation, that frankly would be handled in the same way regardless of if the car was a BMW, Kia, Cadillac, or any other car out there.


I would check the air conditioning filters ; I don't see that mentioned in your letter.

Most things in Florida get mouldy regardless. I lived there, briefly.

I also had a brand new CTS , briefly.

Your car is far too old to expect help from GM.


Wow!!! Yuck!!!

No way would I even keep that car now. I can't believe a company as large as GM turned their back on a customer, its shocking. Get a consumer lawyer or contact the local news. You need to get your story out there.

Once people see that GM makes portable swamps they might think twice about buying. My sister inlaw had a CTS and you had to dismantle the front end just to replace a headlight. Cadillac isn't what it used to be.

Seems like they are massive headaches. Best wishes.


I was negotiating a deal for a new Cadillac this week when I stumbled on this article. Owners reviews are an important factor when a consumer is looking into a large product purchase.

I certainly understand your frustration. This problem is not a warranty issue this is a safety issue. Is that water in the spare tire well? If so that's disgusting.

Nobody should have to subject themselves or their family to a health hazard. It's even more appalling GM won't even help you. This speaks volumes to who I shouldn't be buying from. This could be me, so I am backing out of my deal and looking into BMW or Mercedes.

I want to buy American but I don't much like Lincoln's design, and I'm not about to purchase a Cadillac where I have to drive around with umbrella and a hazmat suit

Have you contacted an attorney? If not perhaps you should. There may be a class-action for this very problem.

I wish you well, and thank you for sharing your story and preventing me from making a mistake. Good luck to you, and your family .

@Jake Walters

Whatever else you decide to do, I'd recommend that you stay as far away as possible from Mercedes-Benz.

Our family purchased a total of 6 of them, new, between 1987-1993.

I've never had a worse car than the (then) $78,000 1989 560SEL. Horrible squealy brakes and perpetual sunroof problems.

Driver's seat installed crooked by 5-10 degrees. Upholstery edges curling up. More. That car stayed around for about a year ...

The engine in Dad's 1991 560SEL self destructed at 30,000 miles but they did install a new engine.

Only took 3 weeks of no car.

My (then) wife's 1993 300E, which I had to hire a lawyer and invoke the state "Lemon Law" which the car clearly was , spent far more time in the shop the first 6 months than it did at home.

Oh yes, and my 1987 190E had to be towed from a restaurant parking lot with 1700 miles on it when it failed to start. The beginning of a lousy relationship which lasted about a year. I've learned my lessons well and now we have a Volvo.

No problems, ever. The point being : names mean ZERO. My best performing car was a 1995 Chevy Blazer.

Next was my 1999 Ford Expedition. Great cars.