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I purchased a brand new 2007 Cadillac Escalade ESV for $80,000 with all the upgrades available from Marvin K. Brown dealership in San Diego, CA. Right after the extended warranty I purchased had expired, the driver side exterior door handle came off in my hand. I had...
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I too have three door handles ready to fall off my 2009 Escalade. I wrote a letter to the Chairman of GM and President of Cadillac, but after talking with them they said they would not repair my faulty handles.

I'm not about to pay $800 or more so i can get into my car. I have a friend that's had to replace his on his 2014 GM Yukon so he's going to teach me how to do it. I will never, ever buy another GM product again.

They are trash and GM knows it. Back to Lexus for me once I can get out from under this money pit.

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General Motors Warranty
  • Exterior Door Handles

Bye bye General Motors!

I recently got rid of my 2010 Sierra because it was literally a pile of junk. I'm in the process of getting rid of my wife's 2009 Acadia because it is also a pile of junk. Thanks to GM's awesome products, I will NEVER buy another!!!!! The last 5 GM vehicles my wife and I haves owned have had a total of over $5500 in repairs. Some warranty, some out of pocket. Also, I was a very loyal GM customer owing nothing but GM products but I promise I will never buy another. Thanks for screwing the middle class, hard working people by selling junk!!!!!
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General Motors Warranty

General Motors in Stanton, California - Engineered failure

For the third time, a GM product I have had installed/replaced at a dealer has failed Les than one year after warranty has expired. First is was my injctors. They (4 out of 8) failed 2000 miles past warranty. Had to pay out of pocket. Then my center cluster label went out. Had out replaced. replacement went put 1 month after warranty expired. Now, most recently I replaced my AC unit. Out failed 11 months out of warranty. This is engineered failure at its finest. Designed to a fail after a pre determined periodao time. By the way, I own a 2003 Chevy Silverado. And they wonder why they need to be nailed out. *** ***
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Remember the old song about how you should "look for the union label?" Yes, you should look to see if anything is made by a unionized company---and then buy a non-union brand. At least you will have a better chance of getting something well-made, rather than slipshod at best.

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General Motors Warranty

General Motors in Sacramento, California - Asking GM to cover repairs for my 2003 Duramax

After all injectors were replaced under warranty with my truck having only 45k miles; turns out now with 80k miles the injectors are failing again. My local dealer has said GM will not cover these repairs. I find it absolutely unacceptable that after an incremental 40k miles that I should spend $5000 dollars to have the dealer replace them. I have a letter that references over 33 different service tickets on my truck. I am asking those who read this who I should send my letter to at GM where it it won't find the bottom of a trash can...... HELP !!
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I have the home address to the CEO of GM. I won't go as far as posting it, but I recently called his personal home and also FedExd a letter with regards to my issue.


Cutomer service is a thing of the past (with a lot of dealerships). The only thing you can do is to never buy GM products again. Went from a Silverado to a Dodge Ram, LOVE IT! Just couldn't jump straight into a Ford. Almost, but changed my mind at last minute (baby steps). My new HEMI is realy helping me get over my long term relationship with gm, and it gets alot better fuel mileage then any chevy I have ever owned.

I am GM FREE, they will never see a nother penny from me.

PS. If you Own A 2003 Duramax, YOU WILL HAVE TO REPLACE THE INJECTORS, just a matter of time.

Oh and by the way if tou do continue to buy GM, AVOID RANDY MARION CHEVROLET in Mooresville, NC.

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General Motors Warranty

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