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This is to whom it may concern. My name is justin mack I bought a Chevy cruze last April and the day that picked my car up it was filled up by the dealer (because it was bought brand new) as I drove out of the gas station the car stalled out and would not turn back on after a few try's and the dealer returning back to the gas station the car begin to turn on. They took it back and looked at it and show that it was nothing wrong.. A few days after I took the car home I filled the car up and it stalled once again at this time the engine light came on and it was taken to the shop where the e-vap purge valve which they believe would stop the issue. A week or so after I filled the car up once again on my way out of town and the same issue occurred where I was stuck on the side of the road after I filled up. I took back to the shop when they did my oil change and tires and they said that there is nothing wrong( when this occur at the time the engine lights come on) after I turn the car on and off a few times it's stop stalling. Recently on my trip out of town once again I filled my car up I waited to see if it would stall. When it did not I proceed to the highway once I entered the highway my care stalled once again but this time because of this I caused an accident... At this time no one can figure out what's wrong with my car I am paying a car note on a vehicle that I consider is a death trap! I have not ever had issues with Chevy as me and my family have been long time customers of your vehicle. However, in this case I am not satisfied with the results I continue to get I have to continue to bring my vehicle to the shop which my job does not allow me to do as often so the reason I am contacting you today is because it happened again on the highway and almost causes another accident. SOMETHING needs to be done immediately at this point I will not drive my vehicle until this issue is fix or I am given another vehicle. Me bringing this to your services in my area I continue to get the same result so I hope me emailing you I would get something different. My information is listed below

Justin mack


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First of all i purchased an brand new Ford Ranger back in 1999 ok.I went to purchase gas a while letter at an EXXON SERVICE STATION ok.As soon as i got ready to get up on the freeway to go home guess what my check engine light popped on.I had know idea what the problem was so i carried my brand new Ford Ranger back to ford where i purchased the vehicle.I told the tech what had happen when i went to purchase more gas and The tech asked me two questions.(1)Did i leave my truck running while filling up.(2)Where did i purchase my gas from.He stated that where ever i purchased my gas from probably had water in their gas and He told me not to get gas there no longer.Upon learning this i have never purchased gas for my vehicle at the EXXON SERVICE STATION and My vehicle check engine light has never came on again.So in saying this maybe where ever you purchased your gas from had water mixed in with the gas causing the check engine light to pop on.Be careful where you purchase your gas from.


Does your state have a lemon law?