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My daughter owns a 2005 Cobalt with 50,000 miles. She's in college and works so she needed a reliable vehicle.

So far the she's had two major issues with her Cobalt. Very first day she owned the car, she couldn't get the key out of the ignition. Fortunately, it still was under warranty. Now her dash flashes with a Check Power Steering light, the power steering suddenly goes out, and he has to muscle the car to the side of the road.

After turning the ignition off and on, it works again. Very dangerous. We had GM check it out and they want $1200 to replace the power steering ELECTRIC motor. After searching google about the problem, I can't believe how often it happens.

Even with new Cobalts. GM still will not recall the vehicle for this problem.

Amazing to me considering the reputation GM has, and the continued foriegn competition.

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My Chevy Cobalt was bought brand new in 2009, and i have had problem after problem with my car. From the key getting stuck in the ignition, and having to replace the ignition.

I have had many, many recalls on my car. My car has been nothing but a problem and a burden to me and my family. My car has been to the dealership atleast 5 times in the last month and a half.

I am very unhappy with my purchase!! :(


I bought a brand new 2006 Chevy Cobalt back in 2006. Less then 3 years later, the power steering is out and I am beeing told it will cost anywhere from $1200 to $2500 to fix it.

This is an industry wide problem that GM or Chevy, or whoever needs to recall these peice of junks. Thats the only way to save me as a loyal Chevy customer.


I bought my daughter a 06 cobalt(used 29,000 miles) it developed a oil leak, dealer "fixed it" same with cruise control. I took it nack to the dealer and now they say they will have to pull motor to fix the leak but don't worry they are going to good will fix it so there will be no cost to me, but since it is good willed no loaner car,,,,,,,,somehow I think the dealer is covering up for their mistake the first time....looking for a number to the gm complaint department...


Same here. My daughter has a 2005 Cobalt and the power steering does the exact same.

She just drives without it, but as much as we paid for the car it should have it. And it is not safe for her. I have searched the internet and found several similiar comments.

I am just ready to chunk the car and get her a new one. Chevrolet should really do something about this.


My duaghters 2005 cobalt electic power steering has also failed her .it almost caused her to hit a car head on when turning at a red light.The steering gave no warning just quit all of a sudden!Gm dealer said it would cost 1200 dollars to fix a problem that a lot of cobalt owners have.GM needs to recall the Cobalts now