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General Motors in Lone Tree, Colorado - $65,000 ISN'T ENOUGH TO "ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP" WITH GM !!!

I own a 2011 GMC 2500HD Duramax Denali. Last month the engine started to stall while driving, my gauges went haywire, and the check engine light came on. I promptly took it to the GO GMC AUTONATION dealer in Lonetree, Colorado - where I bought the vehicle. After having it for several days they found a wire that had rubbed through in the engine causing the problem. They found it after read a GM Service Bulletin on other vehicles with the same problem. My truck had 53K miles so it was out of bumper to bumper warranty, but within powertrain warranty. Of course they charged me a couple hundred $$ to fix their bad wiring. I talked to the general manager of the dealership and his pompously told me that since I didn't get all my oil changes done there (I do my own like many other able-bodied people) he wouldn't cover the repair cost. He would have covered it if I spent thousands of $$ on diesel oil changes at his dealership but I had not "established a relationship" with his dealership so I was out of luck. APPARENTLY BUYING THE MOST EXPENSIVE VEHICLE ($65,000 sticker) ON THEIR LOT DOESN'T ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP WITH GMC!! After feeling extorted by the dealer I filed a complaint with GM. After pages of e-mails, hours on the phone, all I got was lip-service and a "sorry". WHAT A JOKE! I own a successful business and I would never treat my customers this way. My family has bought GM trucks since they were around. My company only buys GM trucks since it has been around. NOT ANYMORE!!! I will not pass this brand loyalty on to my son, as has been done to me. My company will not buy a GM vehicle ever again nor will my family. GM can have the $200 bucks I paid because that will translate into a loss of hundreds of thousands of $$ in vehicles that wont be sold to me or anyone I know.
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Amen Brother !!

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General Motors Warranty

General Motors in Littleton, Colorado - GM does not stand by their warranty or their product

We have a 07 Cheverolet Silverado which we purchased new. It has the 5 year /100,000 mile warranty. We were on vacation towing our trailor that is made for 1/2 ton pickups and the rear end went out in Santa Fe NM. Our truck was taken to Santa Fe Cheverolt were they replaced the rear end which was covered by warranty. We got the truck pack and began towing home when the rear end went out again this time causing damage to the axle. They are willing to pay for a new rear end but will not cover the axle, they dsay it is owner abuse. Called GM customer assistance which was no help because they to belieive it is owner abuse. It was suggested by the dealership that we should probable not tow a trailor with this truck. Sorry if this is how GM warrants and stands by their product I do not ever want to buy another GM product and I will make sure everyone I talk with should not either. it has been almost 3 weeks and we still do not have our truck. they also i Believe put aftermarket parts in our vehicle which GM states they use genuine parts ofr warranty work. Go figure.
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General Motors Warranty

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