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I have a 2013 cruze 1g1pa5shod7210230 vin its a LS base model My problem is I went to get a remote start installed at the dealer. and I was told that the LS does not have the Remote start available from the dealer..

I find that just completely wrong this should be something that all dealers should be selling as a add on. I have been a Chevy guy all my life and this will be the last car I will every buy from GM again... I see no reason that the wiring harness cant be the same on all models, so that the dealer can make the money selling the add on. they tell me I will have to take it and get a after market remote start installed...

and I say F to that I do not want some dork cutting wires under my dash, and having electric problems down the road..

I feel that GM has let the people down with this over sight and has cut the dealers out of making extra money, so this is it for me and I wish I could trade this car in on a Fing forgen car and be done with stupidy that GM seams to be deep with. Arlon Shaw

Monetary Loss: $18000.

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Talking about ***! Why didnt you just buy one with it from the factory?????

How hard would that have been ROCKET SCIENTIST?? :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :eek :eek :roll :roll :roll :roll