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I was sent a customer satisfaction survey when I bought my new HHR. I didn't fill it out the first couple of times it was sent to me because I kept hearing the salesman's words of him helping me fill it out so it says I am completely satisfied.

A third one showed up and I did fill it out and I filled it out according to my opinion of my "experience". Then I received a hard copy snail mail. Then they sent me a post card about the *** survey. Like I wasn't pissed enough with the "deal" I got now I am being hounded about the freaking survey.

I sent off a letter I wrote just for them along with the blank hard copy survey. Ten to one they ignore everything I wrote and don't care about my complaints or comments.

A customer satisfaction survey should be the customer's to fill out how they feel not how the pushy salesman wants them to fill it out to make them look good. When they suck they suck and why should I sugar coat it to make them look good while I got a lousy deal. All this *** is tainting my enjoyment of my new car and it's really *** me off.

Even more so since I have a cracked windshield after only having it three months. I don't know why they want a survey filled out when the dealer's sales crew do their best to sway the customer to fill it out how they want it so it's not an accurate evaluation of the dealerships.

Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors Customer Care.

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I was totally scammed at the Gm Feldman dealership in South Lyon Michigan for thousands of dollars, was pushed into a lease deal that I didn’t want, realized that the next day how stupid and blind I was.... and they would not let me out of the deal or give me my old car back, which they were about to make thousands of dollars off of as well... now I’m stuck in a three-year lease my payment is $100 more a month than it was when I was buying my old car and when I get the customer satisfaction survey I will give them the lowest grade possible ....low life punks!!


My Chevy engine light came on and I had to make a 10 hour drive back to Oklahoma from Louisiana. I didn't have an appointment but bubba oustalet with Connie DeWitt assistance to care of me the same day. I'm so thankful.


It's not fair to you to be hounded and coached on how to rate your experience but at the same time it's not fair to the salesperson to fail a survey if you select VERY SATISFIED, instead of COMPLETELY SATISFIED, which is what happens. GM/CHEVY, require completely satisfied 100 percent flawless perfect survey before it's considered a pass, which is why salespeople pressure you. Even questions regarding your experience outside of the salesmans control affect him or her directly as in your finance experience.The factory (GM) is the culprit behind this unfair process- setting unrealistic expectations and holding salesman accountable for elements of the experience outside his control and unrelated to the direct service he/she provided.


Don't feel bad all dealerships do the same thing. I bought a 2014 Silverado Crew cab and had the dealer install the chrome body side mouldings as an dealer installed accessorie and they even could'nt install them correct.

two front doors upside down and i asked them to install them correctly and they reinstalled the same mouldings and the ends currled up. So pissed off had them removed and they dented the left fron door and scratch the *** out of the rear door..Thank you Bud Weiser Motors Beloit Wi.


What an ***.


I finally had my fill of GM, and decided to write to their president informing him that the customer satisfaction survey was one of two factors in my decision to stop buying GM products. I also named my lousy dealership: MacMaster in London.

I advised him that my family spent $50 k on their products, and it isn`t professional to pester ones customers for perfect satisfaction scores when they are not deserved.

I told him that the practice reeked of what W. Edwards Demings called management by metric. However based on my experience with the dealership, I highly doubted that GM has ever heard of W. Edwards Deming.


I wandered what was going on,Now I know. This is not Good


Recently had my 2000 cavaliar convertible evaluated for an estimate for replacement of the seals for the roof (it leaks). On the top of the estimate it says, "this repair will have no warranty".

When mentioned to the service writer, the cashier injected herself and started arguing that I couldn't read. I waited 3 weeks to write a letter and it has been ignored so far. No satisfaction survey was sent to me and I had two cars that day.

I suspect they changed my mailing address so that I would not receive one. The name of the dealership: Bill Bucks Chevrolet in Venice, Florida.


Good afternoon!

My name is Dean L. Twitchell. I have been a loyal GM customer since 1974. In 1974 I bought a brand new Chevy ¾ ton Pick up truck and a 1074 Malibu.

In 1976 I bought another brand new Car. Forgive me but the name of the car has slipped my mind. Around 1978 I bought my first Chevy 4 wheel Drive pick up truck.

Between 1976 and 1981 and bought a brand new Monte Carlo.

In 1985 I bought a brand new Celebrity.

Around 1991 I bought my first Buick Regal and around 1995 I bought another 1995 Buick Regal.

As you can tell from the above I have indeed been a loyal GM customer. My two children are also proud customers of GM products.

In 2010 I bought a used Certified 2007 Saturn XR. I have not been satisfied with this vehicle since I bought it.

I would like you to consider the information above, verify the information above for your own use and knowledge and consider letting me return the 2007 Saturn XR for a new 2011 Regal of a used 2010 Regal.

Thank you for your consideration and please do not hesitate to contact me by email.

1972 until 1991,

Dean Twitchell

Orland Indiana 46776

1991 till present,

Dean Twitchell

1008 Bluffview Drive

Angola, Indiana 46703


you should have to earn a good satisfaction not be told what to put in the survey,nobody gives me any thing good feed back unless i have totaly earned it, and i have dealt with the public over 40 years.probly why GM when broke first time . Dealers make it look likes things are o k. the fall with gm will happen again and they will not come back from the dead again




After I sent my bad review in lol I didn't get those gifts I was told I'd get. LOL Was ok, my gift was getting MY words on customer survey.


I had to pay for new windshield first month I had car. I have had the locking doors where it won't let you in or out & have to talk with service for that problem.

i have had the window pop & not go back up had that fixed but other windows make same noise so waiting for others to go. Both keyless entry devices stopped working & had to be replaced. I had my chevy tracker for over 10 yrs & never had problem with those keyless devices.

Not buying another GM product. I think my next vehicle will be a FORD


Heck, not only did the salesman on my 2011 GMC purchase beg me to give good remarks about him & the dealership, he sent me a Christmas card with coupons. Send someone in to buy or lease, you & the person you refered will get $100 ea.

Well, then I was told, can't give $100 because one of thevehicles was purchased under GM discount, & the salesperson shouldn't have given those coupons out. Live & learn.


Beware of the ignition lock and shifter problem also I got lokced in my 2007 HHR all 4 doors locked up on me-Very Poor customer service and Management Response @Morse Chevrolet O.P Ks.HHR still under warranity they would not Repair it properly after 4 Vists to Dealership they still gave me the Run around


my buick dealer replaced my brake drums the wrong way in the rear and installed the brake pads on the reverse for the front. the noise when i hit the brakes is scary.

the dealer is carrige buick in Temecula,ca. and they are out of business


:( I boght a malibu love my car but the DEALERSHIP SUCKS Bought my car at Capital Pontiac in Regina Saskatchewan Since I got the car the service sucked Booked 3 appintments requiring a loner car all 3 times didn't have a loner asnd was like I was putting the service department out by going there


Should have stayed with Toyota!


I was a GM Technician for many years. They company is horrible.

The defective leather and sunroof are things that they know about but do not want to pay to fix. As for the surveys, the salesman and service dept. get bonuses if you mark completely satisfied for certain questions. The dealership needs to keep a quarterly score above the regional score.

Don't throw out the surveys. Fill them out. If you are not satisfied mark it down.

In the comments section, write down your complaints. That is the best way to stick it to the dealership.


Register Chevrolet in Hernando County Florida stole my money with misleading statements, do not buy from them