Arlington, Virginia
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2011 camaro with currently unknown engine problem at 32k miles. Dealer claims engine failure due to neglect.

Changed oil ourselves but can't find the receipts. GM is backing dealer and will not repair under waarranty. They offered to repair it at cost to me ($6800) but if I want to diagnosis the problem they want $1800 unless they find something that caused the problem due to manufacturing.Totally unacceptable options when I just bought this car 11 months ago.

It's a tough time for me as this car is my daily driver. I am a mother of two and now for the holidays I get this.

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you got a piece of chevy aka SH.IT.


Got 2011 camaro for my mother, had a recall on conv roof.So on one day I was to bring in for recall I noticed two oil spots,checked oil and was down half a quart,mobil one no less.Bring to dealer and he said bring back another date he was backed up so I did.After two days the roof was done and they were having trouble with oil leak,the next day I had to drag out of him the head gasket went.I was shocked because the only has 5,500 miles on the engine and she has only had the car for 18 months.with one mobil one oil change at one year and 3,400 miles.I;m alittle ticked off,anybody else with the same problem please let me know Thanks Rik


Why would you change the oil yourself? Its a brand new car.

The problem you have is if engine failure was because the oil you put in was wrong or you did not tighten the oil filter or drain plug and oil leaked out till the engine seized.

You cant blame GM for your stupidity. If I ran GM I wouldnt replace your engine either.


Changing your own oil does not void any warranty. I use to work at a lube shop and we asked the dealers if us changing the oil voids the warranty it doesn't.

Did they say what type of neglect?

(oil, coolant, over revving). Over revving would be one of the few things i can see as voiding the powertrain warranty.


You broke the warranty agreement and voided any warrant when you did so. This is your fault.

You should do better to take care of your children. You are a bad mother and a bad driver.

@common sense

Common sense, that is harsh. Why don't you look in the mirror if you want to judge someone.