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Good Morning,

I am a very dissatisfied customer, I saw the chevolet cruze about four years ago on a car show in my country, I thought I must have that vehicle because I was very impressed. I purched my vehicle on 7th December 2012 so its been about two months.

When I received the vehicle and drove it I was not too impressed because the pull off was slow and it seemed to have a miss. I thought it was a new vehicle and it must take a little while to kick in. I noticed a rough idle and my husband mentioned it on our first service. We were told it is normal.

I then heard a schreeching sound when I touch the brakes the the company told me that it was normal they test drive it but did not hear it. The next day my check engine light came on I took it backt to the company checkes was run. They changed the coil pack I took the vehicle the next the light came on again and the vehicle began to vibrate. A technician came and he changed the plug wires.

I took it home the next day the light came on again and the vehicle began to vibrate, I tried to move it but it cut off and there was a loud noise coming from the engine. I am so disappointed the reason I purchased a new vehicle it's so that I won't have car troubles I am a female and I take my todler to school and I was late for work got home late. However the technicians took the vehicle to the head office and the vehicle is under checks the company finally told me that the brain box is not functioning properly and they need to change it.

I do not want the vehicle because I am afraid I would get further trouble with it.

Can you please assist. My cell phone number is 186830955258

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