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Vehicle was fixed.

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In March 2016 I purchased new a 2016 Chevy Tahoe from a dealership outside the city I live in. The reason I did not purchase from my local dealership is because I feel that they are in love with their vehicles there. They are so in love with the...
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  • Hard to find any right now
  • Lack of quality on this expensive vehicle
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Poor customer service
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Let the company propose a solution

General Motors in Washington, District Of Columbia - Multiple problems-Fuel pump final straw

As a child of a true GM believer, l bought my 2011 Malibu in December 2013 thinking that I would get a car more reliable than my 2003 BMW and 2001 Mercedes Benz which were encountering frequent repairs due to their age. I obviously was wrong. Ever since I've had the car its had issues. I have called the recall number and told my car isn't on "the list" First I have horrible vibration when I put on the brakes, sometimes causing ESC and traction lights to come on. Ive had it looked at and there is no problem with the brakes. T Twice my doors would not unlock even thought I unlocked thru keyless an using my key. I had to crawl across my seats for a week. Ever since I bought it it will randomly accelerate without my foot on the pedal which is a little scary driving 30 miles to work each way. The morning I called the recall line the warning lights all stayed on and the car shook violently when I started it. I turned it off and waited a few mins then it started ok. This has happened twice. Recently I have had to keep adding coolant because it randomly will all leak out thru the day. We can't find a leak but was going to take it in for service when...suddently I stopped after a long trip on Saturday and when I tried to start it it wouldn't start. I had to have it towed 60 miles to my home and then pay another $45 to have it towed to a garage. It is believed to be the fuel pump. I've never known a fuel pump to go back in such a new car. I called the recall number once and was told mine isn't on the list even though it is having many similar problems. The morning I called the warning lights all stayed on and the car shook violently when I started it. I turned it off and waited a few mins then it started ok. This has happened twice.
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  • 2011 Chevy Malibu

General Motors in Washington, District Of Columbia - Stock Unavailable ????

Well first things first ...Im.a Huge Chevy guy Iown 12 chevy trucks from 1953 -2004 ...I like buillding and customizing anything..I own a Auto Truck and Equipment Repair shop ...In Camden North Carolina ..RE: Its seems everytime I try to order parts I go to my local dealer /call they have good gm numbers and cost ...However availability is none there isnt a part in america I have built a truck and spent alot of money and materials now the peices i needto finish i cant get ...Ive googled and called atleast 6 other gm Dealers and they all say the same thing not available in the Usa newhere . I really needs these parts to finish my truck ..I have gm parts numbers which i will include in future email upon a reply ....Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks James all say same thing ...Im really needing these parts to finish my project
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We bought a used Chevy Silverado. Paid $25,000. In less than a year we have had to completely have the rear axle rebuilt 3 times. I contacted GM about giving me my money back that I have put into it. They basically told me tough ***. They said they do not buy back...
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GM's CEO is Daniel F. Akerson. "Contact the CEO" website gives his address as 1326 Ballantrae Lane, McLean,VA in case anyone wants to bypass customer service and send him a letter directly.

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2 Thumbs down GM!! I purchased my Chevy Trailblazer in 2005. the car worked great as I did scheduled maint on time all the way up until 1000 miles over my warranty of 30,000 miles that's when the alternator went. I asked GM to do the right thing as my mechanic told...
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Hey I hear they are more of a quantity not quality kind of company. I just wrote this to the corporate office.

as this is another thing that erks me.

Dear Chevy I would like to know how do you justify charging over $400.00 to remove a gauge cluster from trailblazers and another $400.00 for the part. I would really like to know why would you rip off your loyal customers? My gas gauge has broken 2 times in your truck and $800.00 later not because of ware and tear but because your putting cheap products into your cars and your consumer has to pay the price for your mistakes! you couldn't do the right thing for me and fix your mistake.

I just had someone else repair my cluster for under $100.00 and I removed it and reinstalled it on my own in under 5 minutes.

So again How do you justify the rates your charging for labor, and the price for the repair? Because you would not do right by me I am trying to reach out to every Chevy owner I can and let them know what has happened to me and how to get this issue fixed without being ripped off by GM.

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Does General Motors grasp the concept of quality?

Problem: Bad casting for GM heads in certain models. Heads are cracking around the Head bolts allowing coolant to bypass into the oil. I own a 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Z71 in excellent condition. It has 114,000 miles but this is not an abused work truck. This truck has been well maintained and is used for travel and honey dos around the house. Problem defined: It doesn't matter how well you take care of something if the product is manufactured incorrectly or with defects. Research: I have several friends with GM products who I contacted to inquire if they were having the same problems. Three out of four (75%) of the vehicles have this problem. Vehicles: 2004 Chevrolet 1500, 2004 GMC 1500 and 2003 Suburban Mileage average for all vehicles: 91,000 Repair Cost: $3000 Replacement Cost: $5000 Parts: 75% of the repair or replacement cost. General Motors refuses to make this right.
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I spoke with GM several times but it's seems 100,000 miles is a catch all for all problems, major and expensive even if GM manufactured them wrong.

Its ok, I usually don't stress about the big stuff. I see my wife and I spending at least 150 grand on vehicles before I leave this earth so it should probably be spent with a company that can afford to fix their problems without Government assistance.

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General Motors in Washington, District Of Columbia - 2003 Saturn Vue

I bought a 2003 Saturn Vue and it had a VT1 transmission which failed in service here a couple of weeks ago. There was a class action lawsuit but it's still unclear what my rights are. Can anyone lead me in the direction of getting fair consideration for the troubles I have had? Sure would be obliged to you! The car runs great, engine wise, and the body is in good shape. It's just a shame to let this go to waste! I have tried for some time to figure out the mess of the lawsuit and everyone who works for GM plays dumb and does not know anything about it! Thanks for looking! Kenny
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General Motors in Washington, District Of Columbia - GMC SIerra 1500 Transmission failure

I purchased a GMC Seirra 1500 with all the upgrades and a 6.0 liter engine. My vehicle had 100200 miles and 2 days out of warranty. GM does not want to warranty the transmission. They want me to pay a dealership to diagnose, the diagnostic is 220 to check the fluids and additional if it needs torn apart. They have the paperwork on there side, they did say that they would try and help after they found out what was wrong but would not tell me what is covered. My mechanic says the internal gears are gone, if I knew they would cover this I would send it to them and pay the diagnostic. I have a fleet of 8 work trucks mostly Fords and Dodges, I can honestly say I will never purchase a GM product again. I will also tell anyone who will listen to by any product but GM. This was a 42,000.00 truck and it has been a disappointment.
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Buy KIA 100k miles guaranty but your car was over 100k. Let wait for cars from CHINA, they will offer lifetime guaranty.

:roll :? :zzz

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General Motors in Washington, District Of Columbia - Michael John Dunphy--I am stepping up my battle against GM

for murdering my cousin, Lucas Piantieri in a Chevy Corvette. J"n"M Squared Ecosystems team of web designers will be building a totally seperate web site coupled with the charitable giving web site set up for Lucas and his family this past March-April. recieves approximately 400000-50000 hits on a monthly basis and I have been assured that this stand alone coupled web site will generate at least 10% of that number on a monthly basis. That is 40000-50000 people that will become aware of the murder of my cousin, Lucas Piantieri in a Chevy Corvette on a dry road with a race car quality driver behind the wheel. Maybe then, we can all help out by donating some much needed money to this devastated family 3 yr. old boy and new born girl--no insurance. Maybe the GM murderers will contribute as well----listening GMs CEO, Fred Fraum, Russell Dow-Dow, and of course and especially, ESISs Sean Kelly--lead negotiator for ESIS--GMs ultimate protector and reinsurer!!!!$$$$. Again, I am not leaving this situation until some modicum of justice is done!!!!$$$$.
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Contact General Motors Customer Service

Mailing Address:
General Motors
P.O. Box 33170 300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48232-5170
(800) 521-7300
All General Motors Contacts

General Motors in Washington, District Of Columbia - GMC Sierra tach gauge failure at 40,000 miles

I own a 2004 GMC sierra bought new on 9/23/2003. About 18 months ago the tachometer began to stick,read low/high,and read incorrect. It went completely out 3 weeks ago. I have 45,517 miles on the truck and its 7 and 1/2 yeas old. I called the service mgr. at the dealership who advised me there was a notice on the instrument cluster but I was over on the years.He gave me the GM customer service #. Just talked to them today. I can spend $95.00 to have it diagonsed and then they will make a decission based on that. My decission is to just buy a Ford from now on and see how that works out for me.BTW-I have a grand cherokee with 130,600 miles and the tach still works on it just has the other tachs on about 20 cars I've owned.
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i have a 2003 avalanche that i bought new that has 60,000 miles on it and the speedometer is doing the same thing. i have driving gmc all my life.

never again!!!!! nissan titan here i come.


I have an 04 trailblazer that has done the same thing, but the recall GM did does not cover the trailblazer! How convenient!! GM sucks - never again will I give them a dollar!!!

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