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Yesterday morning I started to hear a very loud rumbling sound in my engine so I went to my local GM to make an appointment to have my car looked at and repaired. I also ask to please check the rear brakes because they have been squeaking for over a year now.

This would the 4th time they would look at it. I also asked them to look repair my cd player because that also broke and asked for my routine oil change. I brought my car in 10/7/10 at 7:30am on the dot. They said they were going to look at it.

I told them please call me with an update. I heard nothing all morning. So I decided to call around 12:30pm for an update. They said they still haven't looked at it yet.

They will look at it after their lunch break and start with the cd player. Again, I hear nothing all afternoon. So I get there at 4pm after work, and I ask if the car is ready, the one man at the desk who took my appointment said the one mechanic took a ride around, heard the noise in my engine, but do

esn\'t know what it is...I asked if anything else was done, he said no. I went to service manager and asked what the problems for my car not getting fixed or even looked at.

They had my car all day and it wasn't touched. The manager said they were busy...which is a complete lie because they had no cars in their work garage when I showed up in the morning. Then he had the nerve to get angry with me. I even looked for my car in the garage as he said they were looking at wasn't even their work garage, it was in their back parking lot.

My car wasn't touched all day. They had the nerve to say to me make another appointment or let them keep it over night. This is the absolute worse customer service I ever received from this GM dealership. I never got an apology, they didn\'t care or bothered.

I am done with GM, their cars, everything.

As soon as I can get my car fixed, I'm trading it in. I'm so furious.

Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors Customer Care.

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Glad I saw the Zoey review. I too have bought a number of cars at far off dealerships and was considering one these folks had as well. I will not waste my time from over 1,200 miles away on them.


These guys should be reported to the Chevy corporate office nave their franchise pulled. I worked a deal over the phone which I’ve done numerous times since I was driving 3 hours to get this special “internet” deal off of Autotrader.

Told them I had may own financing, and ready to buy today. To net it out, once I got their the price was suddenly $5K higher. Total scam, GM could not explain why, said his “attorney” reviewed the add? Really!

Obviously he was concerned to. Told me about fine print, but wouldn’t show me because it wasn’t true. Said there was a destination charge….the care was traded in, nice try. These guys are what give salespeople a bad name, absolutely unethical sleazebags.

So on my 3 hour trip home, I decided to take this further, and have started the process with Chevy corp, and some other organizations.

What’s even worse, is others that don’t know the car business, are getting ripped off every day. No different than thieves.