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When this first occurred my car was under warranty and they fixed it. Now that it is out of warranty I was told it was customer misuse. In other words its my fault. It was not my fault under warranty but is now. Go figure. No wonder they stopped making the Gran Am...
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The 2001 Olds ALero is garbage. The car breaks down, won't start, then will start. Will stop when driving and won't start again, will then start for a few days then not start again. Several mechanics cannot find the problem and forums on web show hundreds of people...
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josphe williams

everybody who has a problem with there alero from 2001 to 2004. you can call Gm a file a complaint, they will call a recall if enough people call so tell ur fellow alero drive...


With our Olds, the crankshaft sensor was bad and the car runs fine now. This line of cars is dead and I doubt GM will do anything for you.

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