Rochester, New York
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Suzanne M. Nagel is working at Brookwood golf course and receiving GM disability benefits at the same time. I'm pretty sure the company would not like knowing this woman has been earning substantial money while being paid to be off work. I was wondering what the rule is on this type of employee behavior, and are there any plans to end this type of activity / fraud / waste, so we can all afford a GM vehicle???!!!

If anybody has any comments to share, or a fraud / whitle blower number that I can call, please don't hesitate to share this information.

Thank you,

Concerned consumer..... :(

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I am a friend of Suzie's. There is always a hater in the woodpile.

I can say she was a dear friend, a good mother, and a good companion. Rest in peace Suzie.


She was a pretty good friend of mine. Eat *** that you would slander this awesome woman!!!


Concerned clearly don't know all the facts about Ms. Nagel.

She was very ill and hurt and she passed away. She helped out at the golf course a day or two during large outings and more than likely did not receive pay.

So maybe next time you slander someone because your crazypissed that vehicles cost so much, think twice. Shame on you.


I hate to say this, but that's an ongoing (and most likely, not solvable) problem in the auto industry. It's become a way of life for some people - game the system as much as they can before they get caught, then just as they are about to get caught, go back to work for a week or two before repeating the whole process again.

The benefits our union has bargained for us unfortunately get exploited day after day to the detriment of the other 90% of the hard-working auto workers there are. You can usually contact the Labor Affairs department at GM, but it is unlikely they will do anything about it since the UAW bars GM from investigating hourly workers' personal lives.


this has nothing to do with the purchase of gm products, if you feel that this is a problem you should contact the gm she work(ed) at and express your concerns...honestly they will probably hang up in your face..if you have a problem with this person let it go because all you doing is building bad karma for yourself..if she is doing wrong it will catch up with her.