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I had my cruze taken in for an issue with air coming out of the vents. My boyfriend said it was the cabin air filter.

I took it jn to get checked anyways as i had some free time. They start working on the vehicle prior to conesnt and "replaced" it. They charged $180 canadian to replace it. My boyfriend felt i got ripped off as it is a 10 minute job and toy can buy the filter for $25.

A few days later the vent starts acting worse than before. I take it back in and they state that there aee a bunch of leaves in the compartment which need to be cleaned out. At this point i am very angry. They wanted an additomal $200 to clean the leaves out.

My boyfriend called and handled it. They knocked the bill down to $120. 10, 000 KM later i was getting my oil changed when a service advisor pointed out i should change my cabin air filter. I was shocked as i have already paid for it teice and now soon to be a third time.

The service advisor brought it to me and said it is an original folter from when the vehicle was assembled.

So i have paid to have the filter replaced and dealt with 3 times and it was only done once. GM is a joke.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Actually, the Cruze is a joke of a car, not just GM. Cabin filters are somewhat hard to find unless you go to an auto parts store but yes, you can change them yourself easily-enough.

If they do clog up then the outside air coming thru the vents is not filtered, but that's no real problem.

Everything still works except outside air is no longer filtered. Appears you were scammed by whomever did the work.