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I own a 2011 Silverado along with 4 other gm vehicles I purchased new over last 14 years. Truck broke down on way to work last week.

Left it on side of road as engine power wouldn't propel me any faster that 25-30mph. Came back at end of day with a scanner to read codes. Only one recorded was P2135 (throttle position sensor malfunction). But at that point truck ran well, so erased code and drove home.

Found a letter from GM in my files I had received many months, maybe a year earlier from GM advising of the potential problem which they would repair if experienced. I call dealer to explain. Service writer says "yes, we would fix it free of charge, but since you erased code we will not. You will have to experience it again and not erase code to get consideration." WHAT!

DO THEY THINK I MADE THIS ALL UP!! I call GM consumer toll free line in the letter starting once again at bottom of food chain to complain. Next day I get email that dealer will call before COB. No call late in day so I call.

Am told writer will call shortly. No call before COB Friday. I had to go out of town Sunday, so drive first 40 miles and all of a sudden, same issue. Now I'm stuck here writing this on side of road awaiting a ride home.

GM is the worst if my experience is any indication. I clearly experienced the problem, but they feel it is wise to stall me on some *** technicality. SHAME ON YOU GM.

I have been a loyal customer, but I've purchased my last from you given this experience and if resolution is not brought quickly to include retrieving my vehicle since this was your decision to treat me this way. Terrible!

Reason of review: Blind enforcement of Company policy. No local common sense allowed..

General Motors Pros: Friendly staff on customer service.

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Commenting ony own review to advise that I gave 5 stars where I feel it is deserved, bit I gave ZERO stars in the two categories that mattered that were customer service and/or problem resolution related. Those don't register! So understand despite 5 stars in some areas, I am one paused off consumer!