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Purchased New 2012 Camaro LT1 V6 for $31,999 plus financing.

3,000 miles Horrible metal grinding noises when in motion. Dealer said parking brake engaged itself.

3,500 miles front engine cover leaks oil.

3,800 miles oil pan leaks oil.

With this Car fax already compiling a do not buy list!

I emailed, and called General Motors, they said this is normal thats why they offer a warranty.

I Google camaro oil leaks = it is normal before 5,000 mile for 2010-2012 camaro to leak oil.

GM offerred free oil change for inconvienience.

I asked them to allow me to return the vehicle, they said that it does not qualify its only three issues.

I owned a 1992 Camaro and had lots of repairs on that one so I switched to Toyotas.

I have owned a 1998 Toyota 4Runner with 284,000 plus miles

2000 toyota Sienna with 112,000 plus miles

2002 Toyota Camry with 119,000 plus miles

I still own a 2004 Toyota Tundra with 259,000 miles and counting.

My Toyotas never had oil leaks of repairs... only fluid changes, brakes, and tires.

I know our United states Economy is in trouble. So I tried to help by buying American made automobile. Now with less than 4,000 miles on a 2012 Camaro the engine will be taken apart.

Have gasquets replaced which I am sure will leak again.

I just hope they leak again before 12,000 miles three more times so I can return it for a refund.

I have thought of some names that better fi the charactor of GM:

Garbage Motors!!! Government Motors!!! Generic Motors!!! Gluttony Motors!!!

If I have to take you to court to get you to stand behind your product, you should not be in business!!!

GM is on the *** of going Bankrupt for a second time, wonder why???

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i have 2001 camry right now its on 265000 miles like u said its still so good-also have a 2012 focus has a transmission problemshaking,stalling also rear gear and dome light not coming on after the car stays more then 2 hours in parking lot and huntington beach ford service asking to ford how they can fix this -answer is turn on-turn off -turn on or push to button 2 times and open all doors dome light will come on------and they didnt do anything-also there s no air coming from out side to inside if u dont turn on fan-----and they says whatever i complaining answer is-this s how car builted its working like that notting wrong-lol its like a jog right-never ford again and i know now why toyota -honda-and other japenese cars selling more-im waiting to ford when they will go shut down


So how many times does it have to be in to qualify for a buyback? I've only had mine in 2 times, but this time it is still not fixed after 6 days.

I can't believe a new car has such issues and they don't care. Better yet, social media at GM sends me emails asking for more details and all they do is call the dealer and ask the same questions that I have been asking. No help at all and a big waste of time those folks are. I'm am really disappointed with how they handle GM customers..

Most of us will be exGM customers. Trust me, I'm shopping and hoping to get rid of this underpowered vehicle. I can give you a name and number of my executive specialist at the Ren Cen if you would like it.

I have complained to her about the whole process. I think if enough people voice their opinion maybe they will listen eventually.


I sympathize with you. My 2012 Cruze, less than a year old, not even 25,000 miles on it, CAUGHT FIRE!

It was not even the recall issue with the oil pan- I had it fixed. This was an electrical fire started spontaneously. It's been "in investigation" for two weeks. Some *** at the dealership tried to convince me I started the fire.

I will never ever ever ever ever ever buy a GM car again.

I won't drive one for free. I don't want to burn to death.


Buy KIA :) :) :)


I have also had much better luck with Toyota's. Camero looks good glad I came across this it confirms what I already knew.