Owasso, Oklahoma
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2015 1ton fully loaded only 8000 miles and has seepage (which is not normal-seepage becomes a leak) in oil pan. GM saying this is normal and will not fix.

Also have other problems they supposedly are fixing some but are claiming a rat has knawed in the wires (not true funny they've told another family member the same thing at a different dealership - we don't live at same place and no other vehicles have any signs of mice or rats).

Guess will be trading in the truck I really like and wanted for a dodge. No more GM for me

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Have you had to add oil? If you are having to add oil it is not seepage.

Seepage should not occur after 12000 miles. If so they will repair it. The wiring being chewed on is factual. I work at a GM dealer and I have had that happen to several vehicles and my riding mower.

We have actually removed mouse nests from air cleaners and chased them out from under hoods.

It is very common.. It even happens on Dodge products, lol.