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i bought a 2005 silverado 3years ago and it had many many problems that the dealer fixed under warranty. here now in 2017 i had a blower motor RESISTOR FIRE and GM investigated the issue and could not determin the cause, this is because i made an insurance claim with progressive and they said they cant cover the part that went bad....

so ii called GM after i took to my mechanic and he tore it apart, then when GM got ahold of me to tow to a dealer they did. after 3 weeks they got back and said that they cant help with something they are retarded on and created something that is no good ***. i now have no truck no way to work because GM people dont know how to help the consumer. im sorry for the other people who have gm products, but if you have 1-5 on the dash for air speed and one goes out call gm and tell them that you have a problem they will tell you the same thing they told me even though i had a fire in my truck due to there neglagence in creating the resistor....

im NEVER GOING WITH CHEVY AGAIN 18 years of chevy loyalty they wouldnt help me. thanks GM for being ignorant, and not caring for your customers.

i should have gotten burned by the flames maybe they would have given me a band aid..... im spreading the word to everyone i know about the issue at hand, if you value your life dont go with GM

Review about: 2005 Chevrolet Silverado Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Blower motor resistor is bad in my 2007 Colorado also. Russian part.

The Chinese replacement is no good either. RECALL ALREADY GM!!!!

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