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So recently i bought a pre owned 2015 chevy Malibu LTZ with only 48 thousand miles. After purchase I only got to drive it oh i don't know about a month before the transmission *** out.

So i took it to the dealership since it was still under powertrain warranty but low and behold!! They can't fix my car since it's a branded title (someone at the DMV made a mistake) and it voids the warranty. So after I go to the trouble of getting my title fixed so it is no longer a branded and they sent me a new one. I go to the dealership and apparently a state issued government piece of paper aka my title is not enough proof that my title is no longer a branded title, now they need a letter from my local DMV saying that they made an error and have fixed it.

Basically they want an apology letter from my DMv saying they messed up. So after the long and arduous process of getting that letter and trust me folks, it was arduous. General motors tells me that it will take 2 weeks for them to process my request to get it thr branded mark removed from their records (Keep in mind that as far as the DMV records go, my title is no longer branded and is brand spanking new) guess how long I've been waiting? 3 month's!!!!!!!

I keep calling GM every week and they keep giving me the run around, sayimg it's the DMVs falt or that they are trying and it should take 2 weeks which is what they told me 3 months ago. Please please Please!! Save yourself the trouble and just buy from a different maker. GM doesn't give a crap about their customers and their cars are garbage.

How is a car under 50,000 miles having transmission issues?? And what should be a simple title issue where i show my new title (again a state issued government paper) to the dealer and have them fix my car, ger dragged out this long???


Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors Transmission.

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I agree. General Motors is *** Especially anything with a Chevy emblem. Total ***


The rear end of my Camaro went out after just 34,000 miles. GM gave me the run around for 2 weeks before telling me they would do nothing for me because my warranty ran out 4 months ago.

This is a problem that rarely happens in the lifetime of a car without driver fault.

The would not even fix it at cost, they had to profit from me, and charged me as much as they would have charged someone off the street who didn’t buy a new car from them. GM is garbage, never buy one.