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Update by user Jun 15, 2016


Original review posted by user Jun 14, 2016

Recently I had by Chevy vehicle (Tahoe) in for service at the repair shop of the local Chevy dealer. It was overheating. The Chevy repair shop identified the problem as a failed water pump. The sold me a new water pump, and installed it. $630 later I have my vehicle back and on the road. This is the 3rd part to fail in the last 18 months. Previously the fan clutch and the thermostate also failed.

My vehicle has just over 80,000 miles on it.

I asked the person at the repair shop - why am I having so many problems with my Chevy vehicle, its not that old. Their response floored me.

"Many of the key components in GM vehicles are designed to last 50,000 miles. After that you can expect them to fail, and will need to be repaired or replaced."

That's just great! Parts on GM vehicles are designed to fail after 50,000 miles. After that you need to either - pay the increased costs to keep the vehicle on the road, or, buy another vehicle. That's GM's philosophy.

The only response I can see - going forward - is to buy a different vehicle, from a different manufacturer.

Please, please, PLEASE people.

Please stop buying GM's garbage, and save yourself considerable heartache and money.

Please consider buying a different manufacturers' vehicle, when contemplating your next vehicle purchase.

Please send GM the message - making and selling (expensive) garbage, is not acceptable. People should buy a vehicle from a manufacturer who has the consumers interests at heart, and not their own.

Thank you for your time in reading my complaint. I hope it helps you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chevrolet Car.

Reason of review: Poor products..

Preferred solution: I don't need a solution from the company. I have my own solution..

General Motors Cons: Ongoing costs of keeping my vehicle on the road, Poor quality parts.

  • chevy substandard quality
  • Poor Quality Parts
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I had a 2015 Chevy Silverado that I bought brand new. I only got 3500 miles out of this truck when the BCM shorted out and my turn signals stopped working.

The dealer replaced the BCM but informed me that there was a ground short that they needed to find. After having the vehicle over a month they found that a wire was pinched in the courtesy light system when the right hand sun visor was installed at the factory. This wire was the reason the BCM shorted out. When I went to pick up the truck I was charged $800 dollars for parts and labor and told that this was not a warranty issue!!!

I took this matter up with GM corporate just to be told yet another month later that they were sorry but there was nothing they could do. SERIOUSLY???? 3500 MILES???

We USED to be loyal GM customers but I have since brought my business to Toyota. They have bent over backward to make certain I am a satisfied customer!!


GM is failed company, garbage cars and quality. 2008 they stuck the taxpayers with bailout, thanks to government.

Never will I own or accept their vehicles again. GM go to China where you belong, Detroit won’t miss you or America, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

@Phil Mason

P.S. Garbage Motors do you think you can pay back your bailout back with cash, not your worthless stock?

@Phil Mason

AGREED!!! I have taken my business to Toyota. Both the dealer AND the company have kept in contact making certain that I am completely happy and satisfied with my vehicle purchase including the first two years free oil changes.