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My daughter has a 2003 Chevy Malibu that we "handed down" to her a couple years ago. For the last year the "Theft Deterrent Light" would come on and prevent the car from starting. GM is VERY AWARE of this problem, but instead of fixing their messed-up system, they charge $100's-1000.00's to "Fix" the problem. The repair is always only temporary, thus requiring more breakdowns, more repairs and more money to GM.

So, GM has a VERY WIDESPREAD PROBLEM[effects several models over a 10+ year period] that effects the safety of their customers, leaves them broken down & unable to start their cars, & REPEATED-expensive trips to GM repair shops.

Little wonder Americans no longer want to buy GM vehicles. The cars can be ***, and GM will NEVER back their vehicles.... Its FAR TOO profitable to continue taking their customer's cash for repairs GM caused through their own initial lousy design!

Thanks GM. I've purchased 7 of your cars since 1988.... Will NEVER buy #8 Terry M

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Their system is a rip off. Their anti-theft system is more about us having to get it fixed, rather than deterring theft.

Car companies rely on dealer fixes to rake in extra profits. Kind of like all industries nowadays. Rather than making quality products that last, make junk that needs repair. I will never buy another GM vehicle.

I got the stupid anti-theft system removed rather than pay GM to fix it. It was more effective at keeping me from using my car more than anything.


I own a Hummer H3T and have been having the same problem. :( If you happen to have the same problem contact the National Highway Safety Administration to file a complaint. Eventually GM will be required to fix this problem.