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In 2010 I bought a 2009 Pontiac G6 GT with 30K on it. I'm so disgusted with GM at this point I could spit.

Within six months it couldn't pass the State inspection for front brakes. Recently my wife complained of a vibration and "thump" in the front end of the car. She mentioned that it was there for a long time. I now have 52K on it an it needs a lower control arm and ball joint.

A $359 repair as the certified warranty expired in Nov 2012. All I know is GM cars are ***. I've never had to do such a repair on any other brand at 52K. How does a component like that fail so early?

The car has been babied by my wife since I bought it for her. I believe the defective front end was there all the time. That "Certified" inspection is nothing but a scam. Either they didn't inspect the front end, or they left it defective.

Either way, I'll never buy anything from that Chevy dealer in Erie, PA ever again. Fool me once, shame on Dave Hallman Chevrolet. GM needs to clean up their certified program to eliminate the fraud they are perpetuating on the public. Don't buy a car because it's GM certified.

It's just an excuse to charge you more money. The car can have real problems and they're just playing the odds.

Monetary Loss: $359.

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I had a 2006 HHR and the bottom control bushing went bad at 54,ooo miles.... BAD design!!

How can you have a control arm pivot horizontally on a vertical shaft??????????????? $54?? just for the part and on most vehicles they cost around $15. I had to replace the swaybar links every year????...

I got smart and bought them from NAPA with a lifetime warranty, so each year I took them back to NAPA and got them replaced for free.

WTF is a pancake bushing? All I have to say to that is duh.