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I bought a 2014 Chevy cruze in January. From January to July it has been in service 7 times for recall or warranty issues for a longer period than in my own driveway.

My car had less than 7500 miles on it when I picked it up late July after 10 week stay in the service department for a drive train recall. Shortly after picking it up from the Lake Chevrolet service department I started experiencing severe symptoms such as sporadic down shifting accompanied with vibration and power failure after long distance driving. I dropped off my car again for the 8th time in less than a year with less than 8,000 miles on it and asked service to fix the problem. I got a call from service a week later telling me they couldn't identify or fix the problem.

That I needed to drive the vehicle further until the symptoms became more severe. I thought that was absurd so I contacted GM customer service via email and phone asking for assistance and stated the vehicle was dangerous to me and everyone around me. I opened a claim of objection 71-1363567316 on 10/10/14 and again asked for assistance with review of the service departments findings and further inspection of my vehicle. After two weeks of getting the run around and being transferred to three different people , it was insisted upon me that I return the rental they provided and pick up my vehicle as they weren't going to cover the rental any further and my car was taking up valuable space in the dealers lot.

I picked up my car on 10/26/14. On 10/31/14 less than a week later on my way home from work, experiencing the same symptoms I slammed into the brake lights in front of me. No power brakes or steering totaling my car and the car in front of me. The next day I contacted GM.

Notifying them of the collision, seeking assistance and transportation relief so I could get to work while we get this figured out. Again GM denied any of either to me as a customer in need of assistance. To date I am without transportation and am unable to generate income to support my family. GM it seems will be quit content watching me as a customer go all the way down financially and do nothing to support its product or me as its customer.

The banks wont back me for another car loan until my current loan is paid off, my insurance wont pay off my loan with an ongoing investigation.

on top of that, I cant seem to get a lawyer to take the product liability and negligence case against both the dealer and GM without there being a major injury case as well.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

General Motors Cons: No customer support.

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Thanks for your comment. Insurance is paying off my car it just seems to take months.

As for obtaining a lawyer; without a large personal injury case attached every law firm I've talked to won't put in the time on a contingency basis.

I'm hoping to get the attention of one that will by writing as many reviews as I can. I have all documentation to support every statement made and positive that any evidence stored in my vehicle will support me.


There is an EDR (event data recorder) that records the last ten seconds of what happened in the car before an accident ( Stage 1 SRS deployment at minimum is usually considered and event). Long story short, GM makes *** products, and are *** heads waiting to be bailed out again...just like Toyota. Oh, wait...


There has to be something to this story your not revealing. You say you can't get a lawyer and GM is not helping but yet GM has been exposed for their recalls.

You also say your insurance is not helping. It seems the whole world is against you even LAWYERS and that seems abit odd.

I just think there might be something else that wasn't explained in your comment. I am sure a reply to this might reveal what that may be.