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Do not buy a GM car. They do not honor their warranties. (trying to make this review as least emotional as possible as we are devastated with a broken car) We bought a 2012 Chevy equinox which started experiencing engine problems and high oil consumption right around 80,000 miles. Soon after we started experiencing the problem we received a letter in the mail stating that if we had high oil consumption it was likely due to piston ring wear. GM stated in their letter that the piston rings would need to be replaced and the cost was covered by GM.

We performed the oil consumption test, which costed us money out of pocket, to find out that the Equinox was losing oil faster than normal and was most likely due to the piston ring problem. The dealership said GM would cover and to bring the vehicle in. We drop the car off at the dealership and were offered a rental. They didn’t have the kind of vehicle we needed but we accepted it anyway because a vehicle is better than no vehicle.

GM states that they needed to order the parts and would be coming from Michigan and LA so would take a couple days to get there. The parts get here after a while and then all of a sudden we get a call from the Midway Chevrolet on Bell Rd in Phoenix stating that the repair would not be covered due to engine sludge. They stated that the engine sludge was due to poor oil maintenance.

We looked up the most common causes of engine sludge (15 different websites) and oil maintenance was one of them but we also found that engine sludge can also be caused by worn piston rings, which is the exact reason for the letter GM sent. We told the dealership that we have our own oil maintenance records and had actually been getting all of our scheduled oil changes at the same dealership we bought the car at (we never missed one). The dealership then stated because the previous driver that didn’t get regular oil changes. We asked them how they knew that the lack of oil maintenance originally created the problem and not the piston ring problem. They didn’t have an answer for that.

They literally had the entire engine disassembled waiting for the parts from LA and Michigan and once they found out it wasn’t covered, told us that they wouldn’t put the new piston rings in, even though they are known to be bad. But, since they think it was lack of oil maintenance, they didn’t put the rings in and said they were putting the engine back together.

We can’t believe that GM would send us out on the road knowing we have bad piston rings. The bad piston rings were the whole reason for the letter. Why would you not repair something you know is a bad product? Regardless if there was engine sludge or not, GM should at least repair the piston rings as stated in their letter. We are still within the 7 years or 120,000 mile warranty and have plenty of time before it runs out. We will be posting this review everywhere we can find until this matter is resolved. Thank you for reading and hopefully you don’t end up in the same situation as us.


Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors Car Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

General Motors Cons: Stranded.

  • Gm Warranty
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The Nelson Family (231) 750-4370 contact number. My husband and I purchased two vehicles on the same day on 11/16/2015 at GM Betten Cadillac.

We purchased a 2009 YUKON and a 2013 Cadillac XTS (Platinum Series), when the Cadillac was purchased it had a little of 50,000 miles on it, with a warranty only good to 70,000 so I did not have many miles left before the warranty would end. The CAR FAX indicated no issues with the car. However, I learned that the car was not the original color (verified by two professionals) in which I was informed by a professional that the roof of the car had been damaged and the roof of the car had been painted (non of which was in the CAR FAX), another issue I have not had the car but only 2 years, and soon as I drove the car off the lot it gave me many issues. Number one I had to go buy new tires shortly after the car was purchased due to the steering wheel shaking so badly, learned the tires needed to be replaced.

I also learned that all 4 rims were bent (Unresolved issue) on the car also. I also had to buy a new battery shortly after the purchase of the car. After me and my husband buying two vehicles from the same company on the same day (which was about a 1 to 2 day process) BOTH vehicles should have at least came with a good battery and tires. As a result we BOTH had to go out and get a GOODYEAR credit cards in order to get new tires that I did not believe I should have had to do this soon as well as new batteries.

The rims remain bent until this date on the Cadillac. My husband who also purchased a YUKON 2009 also had to buy a new battery . The (LED LIGHT) went out also on the Cadillac. The LED light is expected to last for years, but it did not.

(Unresolved). I drove the Cadillac down to Louisiana a year after the purchase of the car, and the screen on the dash went out for hours, I was many miles away from home (Michigan to Louisiana), and could not even see how much gas that I had in the car. (Scary event). I traded in a 300 HEMI Chrysler 300 rear wheel drive, good car, sad I traded it in for a vehicle that was an even MORE expensive one, but has given me the greatest head ache.

I only got rid of the 300 because it was rear wheel drive and in the winter they are not easy to drive so as a result I decided to get the AWD 2013 Cadillac. I have not and still do not feel comfortable with this car. My husband talked to former salesperson to try to test drive another car. The sales man comment was; " YOU wanna tease yourself huh?" So as a result we did not test drive.

It was what I consider to be a slap in the face. We are upside down in this car, and it will take about $16,000.00 to get out of this car. It is not a good feeling knowing you are paying so much for a vehicle and not have a sense of comfort with it. We notified our salesman person (shortly after the purchase of the vehicles) concerning the tires and all he did was refer us to a tire company who he claimed would give us a deal, in which we paid just about the same as any other place.

I am still paying off the balance on this credit card, and so is my husband. The side detection sensors (both right and left) on the Cadillac also (Unresolved) went out shortly after the transmission was repaired. In fact the Cadillac has given me all kinds of issues since the purchase, and it is so sad because once my husband and I signed on the dotted line (we were not cared about after the sell), which is sad because our former salesman recieved a great commission after selling two cars on the same day (same family), seems like we would have been appreciated, but instead we only got an attitude. For example when I had issues with the transmission, once the former salesperson realized that I got a deal from about $3,000 down to about $800.00 for the repair, his comment was: Why do I have an attitude now after such a great deal" well number one I had not had the car very long to have experienced such a big issue, so why would I have a good attitude because far as I am concerned I should not have had to even pay the $800.00 on top of a big car payment every month.

Now a car will have issues, and I understand that, but this car has and does have many issues since I drove it off the lot.

I really would like to get out of this vehicle and get into something nice that the bank would finance and not something that will be more than what I am paying now which is $560.00 per month which is high enough. I would like to go on a vacation with my kids and spouse having a sense of comfort.