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I am the original owner of a 2007 General Motors Hummer H3. The auto has been well maintained and professionally serviced by a GM dealership. The vehicle has 53,600 miles and is in perfect mechanical condition except this recent issue with Passlock security which has rendered the vehicle unreliable and a personal and public safety hazard. The vehicle is less than 30 days out of warranty and dealer will not repair under warranty.

In recent weeks, the Passlock security light began randomly illuminating while driving. This light could extinguish on next start or stay illuminated through several starts. Two weeks ago while returning from a trip later at night, the vehicle was disabled and failed to start in an airport parking lot. The Passlock light continually flashed and the engine cranked, but without starting. A tow truck was called, but by the time it arrived, an attempt to start the vehicle was successful and the light was extinguished. This has happened at least twice since in less inconvenient and less dangerous areas.

The vehicle is unreliable and unsafe. I cannot trust it to allow my wife to drive it for fear if her being marooned in a dangerous situation. The dealer has indicated it might be several hundred dollars to repair this problem and was well aware that it was a widespread problem with GM autos. There are hundreds of similar complaints on the Internet and yet there is no response or attempt to remedy this situation by the manufacturer.

I am a senior citizen and need to rely on my vehicle, but cannot rely on a vehicle whose security system can disable the vehicle at any random time.

As my representative, I request the NHTSA address this with the manufacturer and remedy this safety concern.



Product or Service Mentioned: General Motors Warranty.

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pcmforless.com can program the PCM to ignore the passkey signals from the BCM module to turn off the fuel. This in effect, bypasses the security system.


08 chevy silverado starts if it feels like it had into service they are unaware of passlock problems...called GM customer service they think I am only 1 with problem..google internet and wow how GM can get away with this is unbelievable


Hi Chuck- Google your problem on the internet. You will find solutions.

It cost me $1.19 for resistors that i wired into the system by the steering columnand eliminated the pass key system.

It shuts off the alarm. Good luck, Al