Reston, Virginia
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Having bought a 2007 Buick LaCrosse a year ago, I am not happy at all with the “New Car Experience”. These are the problems to date, in order of occurrence, Bent wheel at delivery, Transmission repair at 500 miles, Poor gas milage (26 hwy- 20 avg), Bubbles in paint at 7 months. The 1999 Bonneville SLE, which I bought in 1999, is the first GM product I have owned. While it has not been trouble free, (Intake manifold water leaks fixed twice, Transmission shift solenoid replaced, Starter and Alternator replaced), it has been a very comfortable car to drive, and has continuously got 31mpg on the highway. That was a big improvement over the Chrysler products I had owned in the past. The only complaint I had about the Bonneville was the excessive road noise. My Mom owns a ’95 Buick LeSabre which also gets 30 plus mpg, and has road noise as well. I accepted the noise as a characteristic of GM. I was pleasantly surprised, when test driving the LaCrosse, to find the improved ride and reduced road noise with the same drive train I had been satisfied with before. These points where deciding factors in choosing the LaCrosse. I assumed the 8 years of technological improvements on the same engine, in a smaller car, would at least equal, if not surpass, the gas mileage of my old Bonneville. My old car has 140k on it, and needs some things done to be fully reliable. At this point I am glad I kept it for a second driver, and wish I had spent a fourth of what I paid for this LaCrosse on the Bonneville and kept it as my first car to drive. It is not surprising GM is loosing market share if this is the product they put forth. I must say the dealer has corrected all the problems except the poor gas milage. They are unable to identify a cause for that. I have heard all kinds of excuses from, "The milage will improve when it gets broke in", to, "LaCrosse customers have been reporting lower milage than the LeSabre owners". Those type of statements are either made by a very *** person, or are designed for a very *** person. The widow sticker displaying 30mpg hwy. must have been intended for a LeSabre. I have expressed my dissappointment to GM but they are obviously not concerned.

Having never owned a Toyota, I can’t say they are better but now I wish I had tried one.

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I have Never dealt with such a group of uneducated individuals. Were the heck did they find these people?

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These are the people who are in charge of our accounts. Well, if all else fails, I guess I could say I graduated 6 six grade while holding 4 fingers up and maybe they will give me a job.