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I bought a cert. used 08 Denali about 4-6 months ago.

I am told I need new brake pads only after driving under 8k miles. When the dealer I bought it from cert it they said it had 8mm of brake pads. How can I go from 8mm to nothing in under 8k miles? Before this I had a 07 denali with 70k miles that I never once changed the brake pads.

Why should I have to take $600 out of my pocket cause GM made a mistake with the cert? I spent at least 2 hours of my time on the phone trying to explain that it is not possible to do this with the same driver. At this rate I will be replacing my brake pads every 12k? When I never did this on my old yukon Please help me.

I will be telling this story to all my friends. I never had one problem with my yukon that is why I stayed with GM. This should not be my problem!!!!!

I will copy on the email I send out to the BBB, friends and Colleagues.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I fought GMC and I won. Not happy about wasting time but I filled out a form online at the BBB and GM contacted me the next day.

It took 3 weeks to review my case and the refunded a check for the new brakes.

I am not happy witht he way they treated me but in the end I got what I asked for all a long. Mark one down for the consumer.