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Don't waste your time speaking to General Motors Customer Service-Worthless!!!!!. They only support the dealer.

It appears that GM is not interested in doing the right thing by it's customers. Sad to say now I wish they had not been bailed out-they only produce *** cars-including the Cadillac.

I don't think it's too much to ask GM to hold accountable General Managers and their assigned dealership/service departments for the poor work that they do -they are certainly getting paid for it! Maybe a class action law suit from pissed off customers is what they need!

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I bought a 2004 3/4 ton Suburban in June 2012. It had 32000 original miles on it.

I drove it 2000 miles and the fuel pump went out leaving me stranded in the desert between Las Vegas and Reno. GM says because I did not buy the extended warranty with it being a used vehicle that they would not even cover the part. The car is 8 years old and they feel it was age. So basically the parts on their cars die with age and not use.

I will never buy another GM product and am working with a Ford dealership to off load the 3 GM products I have. Worst customer service ever!!!!!!!!!!!!


2006 Silverado K-1500. in 2010, had issues with AC/Heat control sticking on high and smelling like burning wires.

GM dealers kept saying," When it does it again, bring it in so we can see the issue". Truck gets stored during winters. I'm a Disabled VETERAN and made about 6 trips from Michigan to Ft. Knox, last 2 years, to see Army docs'.

Got a letter from GM, early this year'2012, stating there is an issue with the HVAC resister overheating and not working. This is to be an extended warrantee, 10 years or 150000 miles. Customer service told me to get it looked at and they will see what can be done on their end. They knew the Mileage was now 150000.

Problem first started at around 130000 miles. Apparently customer service is an out sourced center contracted to take complaints and could give a *** less. The SOB's took 15 days to get back to me telling me that it will NOT be covered because of the 150000 mile thing. They told me to get something from a GM dealer, stating that this is the issue with the HVAC relay.

and all along was not going to cover it! :(

I will be getting LEMON signs and placing them on my vehicle advising GM sells LEMONS and to avoid them at all costs. Have been a GM customer for the last 30 years, not any more!

I also will be contacting a Lawyer to see if a class action lawsuit can be filed. "Thanks for your service", here is a *** truck to TRY and depend on to get to your appointments!


Hello, My name is Tanner . I live in North Dallas, Texas and I have a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe with 60,600 miles.

At the end of July 2012, my speedometer started to give false readings. I went to a local GM Dealership (Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, Texas). I was told initially it was covered. A few days later, I was told, it was not. My vehicle is out of the "warranty status" by 4 months, however well under the miles.

I called the GM Customer Relations line, and went back and forth with them, finally they have agreed to pay for a new Speedometer Cluster, but I would be responsible for the labor.

I told my Claim Rep "Ivan" at GM Customer Relations, that this is a ongoing issue with GM, and had my speedometer been faulty previously, I would have previously taken it in for the issue, but since its a ongoing issue, I feel like GM should responsible for the entire Speedometer Cluster, and the labor putting it in, which is about $250+ dollars.

I advised Ivan, I was very unsatisfied with the outcome, and asked for the matter to be escalated, however he stated "this is as high as it goes, sorry".

If GM would have done the Speedometer RECALL, and sent notices, I would have had this fixed, since they did not, people are going to be out A LOT of money.

I feel like GM got off pretty easy not issuing a recall, and now the people's speedometers are failing RIGHT outside of the warranty coverage alloted by the Class Action Suit.

Can you make any suggestions, or give me a contact at GM, so I can try and escalate this matter to someone who can actually help?

If anyone can assist me with escalating the issue with GM, or if a GM rep would like to reach out directly, please do so at

infinitetanner at yahoo . com

Thank you,


It is obvious that the corporate office of GM and the dealerships don’t speak the same language regarding customer service. I received a very nice e-mail from GM letting me know it was time to take the car in for service.

I made an appointment and I was treated with complete indifference from the time I made the appointment until I left. No one knew nor did they care that I made an appointment. I had hope when one of the staff offered to drop us off at a coffee house while we waited, until a reluctant driver came to take us with a completely filthy vehicle that was on empty. None of the staff cared when the driver complained they gave him another filter empty car the poor man was scared to death that we would not make it.

Very disappointing to say the least not at all what we expected, I will tell my friends to take their forty thousand dollars elsewhere. :sigh


couldnt agree more. Bought a chevy silverado, rear axle has had to be rebuilt three times in the year I have now owned it.

And GM wont buy it back.

They know they have a *** product so taking it back would admit they did wrong.

AVOID GM Vehicles at all cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!