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I have a 2015 Corvette ZO6 C7 3lz I paid $105,000 for it GM knew that it was not a track-ready car as they advertised and touted in magazines and everywhere .The cars get overheated very rapidly on the track and go into limp mode GM has a fix for it in the 2017 but my 2015 ZO6 they will not fix mine my car can be refitted with the 2017 model upgrades I am thinking about joining the class action suit my dealership has done an EXCELLENT job of working with me it's not their fault they have bent over backwards for me GM fixed one brake problem that I paid for and is going to reimburse me for the repair but so far refused to do the upgrade to keep the car from overheating I have not taken it to the track that is here in my city for fear that they will not take care of it if something happens to it it is supposed to be a track-ready car

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